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  • Published February 9, 2008
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One of the most challenging decisions newlyweds have to make is where to spend their honeymoon - probably one of the most significant vacations a couple will take. Romantic tropical islands, glitzy resorts, taking a cruise or staying in luxury hotels all require a significant expenditure. Finding the best romantic secluded honeymoons can be challenging and if you are on a budget, locating the best honeymoon destinations for less will take some time and consideration. Here are a few tips and ideas that might help.

You have to recognize the fact that the destination needn't be located halfway around the world in order to be romantic. You have to realize the fact that the romance will all depend on you and your spouse. Even the most luxurious and exotic honeymoon locales can't be romantic if you and your spouse don't like the location or are not having fun. So, in order to reduce expenses for your honeymoon, you should try and develop a plan to make it cheaper.

Of course, you still desire to go on a honeymoon in a romantic setting. Try to imagine the best romantic secluded honeymoons located close by. This can cut the cost and will be as romantic as any honeymoon. If you live in California and you had your wedding there, you can consider Hawaii as your honeymoon location rather than go to the Caribbean, which is much farther away and will raise your costs considerably.

When you need to fly to get to your destination, you should try getting an economy seat on the flight. Besides, when you reach your destination, you can relax all you want and with the economy seat in the plane instead of the first class seat, you can be sure that you will save hundreds of dollars on your plane tickets. The best honeymoon destinations for less are now closer than ever!

When booking your accommodation, try to book it on the Internet. There are discounts for online booking and you can also have a wider range of lodging options. This means that you can have luxury accommodations at economy rates.

If you want to experience a great honeymoon, you can try looking for a cruise. There are cruise liners existing today that offer great packages for honeymoon vacationers. Some even offer two cruise tickets for the price of one ticket for newlyweds. With cruise ships, everything is included, such as luxurious honeymoon lodging, food, and even great romantic activities that you and your new spouse can schedule. All-inclusive vacations also require less planning.

Cruise liners also offer outstanding quality luxurious accommodations that the two of you will absolutely enjoy. The foods are also considered to be unparalleled on cruise liners and the daytime and nighttime entertainment are endless. Activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, and even guided tours at port-of-calls are offered on cruises. Nighttime activities will include great shows, and parties.

As you can see, honeymoon vacations don't need to be overpriced. All you need to do is shop around for the best locations offering great package deals. You can be sure that you can spend your honeymoon vacation at a cheaper cost without sacrificing the same romantic experience that you always wanted.

These are the things you should remember when you are planning for your trip. The best romantic secluded honeymoons are often closer than you think. And the best destinations for less may take a little more planning, but promise to be just as wonderful as a more expensive option. Always remember that there are a myriad of ways to have a romantic experience. All you need to do is look, and you and the one you love will be guaranteed to have a perfect, beautiful, honeymoon at the perfect, beautiful honeymoon destination.

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