Potty Training Resistance


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  • Published July 20, 2008
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Most toddlers at one time or another offer resistance to their potty training program. This can be very frustrating to parents and lead to a battle of wills with the child. Before gearing up for battle with your child, let’s look at some of the reasons behind potty training resistance and what can be done about them.


Before deciding to launch a potty training campaign, be sure your child is ready. If your toddler isn’t exhibiting any of the signs of potty training readiness, he will not cooperate because he doesn’t understand what you want him to do. A frustrated and confused child is a resistant child. You’ll know your child is ready when he:

  • Shows curiosity about the bathroom and what happens there

  • Has longer periods of bowel and bladder control

  • Begins to tell you when he needs to be changed


Most potty training begins at about the same time your child starts asserting himself and learning he can control his environment to some extent with "yes and "no". As any parent of a toddler will attest, "no" is the favorite word. A child that is telling you "no" or ignoring you may just be practicing his new found ability to choose for himself. Find a way to present potty training in a way that he will choose it, "Big kids use the potty. Do you want to be a big kid and use the potty?"

Mixed Messages

A child can easily be confused by conflicting messages about his bodily functions. If the bathroom has been off limits previously, he may not understand why he is to go in there now. If he’s been told his dirty diaper is "yucky" or "nasty" he may be anxious about elimination in general.

Overcoming Resistance

Gentle persistence and persuasion are the best tools to overcome potty training resistance. At his next pediatrician visit, ask your doctor to talk to him about potty training. The more people he can interact with that encourage him to learn to use the toilet, the stronger the message becomes.

Potty training resistance is only temporary and will pass when he’s ready to begin (or continue) it.

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