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  • Published August 27, 2008
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Never having had to decide which baby formula is best, I decided to ask a group of parents for their recommendations regarding baby formula. Naturally, most responded immediately that mother’s milk is always best for the baby. In fact, some were quite adamant that one should never use infant formula.

Unfortunately not every woman has the option of breast-feeding her baby. For those women baby formula is the only choice to ensure that their child receives the necessary nutrients for his or her health and growth.

Here are just some of the recommendations:

  • Most people try cow's milk formula first. If this is hard on baby's tummy, you can try rice - based formula or soy formula.

  • Formulas today contain LIPIL, which mimics an ingredient found in breast milk, which is excellent for babies. Formulas should also contain vitamins, minerals, iron, and DHA.

  • Baby formula is a personal choice, though it should be discussed with a doctor. Look for something that is age appropriate first.

  • Formulas come in stages, usually, so that newborns don't get sick and so older babies get the nutrients they need.

  • Always check that formula has no salt content and only natural sugars.

  • Make sure that the formula is pediatrician approved.

  • Always look for formula with DHA.

  • The more expensive brands tend to blend better and cause your baby less gas.

  • Use Enfamil for low weight children

  • I recommend Similac or Enfamil but would check with my pediatrician first.

  • With my first child I used Good Start but it seemed to clump and not mix well.

  • I will look for the ingredients of the formula. I will also consider the manufacturing company. Expiration date should also be considered.

  • I think most formulas are pretty equal as long as they contain AHA and DHA, these are brain building nutrients found in breast milk. So I believe a store brand formula that contains the necessary ingredients,

  • When making the complicated decision of which baby formula to buy, there are three main things to consider: nutritional needs for your baby, cost, and the taste of the formula.

  • Choosing a formula without lactose, or choosing a soy formula will work best for babies with sensitive stomachs, and will be recommended by your child’s pediatrician.

  • I would recommend Earth's Best Organic baby formula. You may pay a little more, but it is worth it in the long run.

As you can see there is some disagreement as to whether buying the more expensive formula makes any difference. Remember the choice of which baby formula to use is something you can always discuss with your baby’s doctor. Ultimately you must decide which baby formula is best by choosing the formula that your baby likes, tolerates and which you can afford.

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