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  • Author Paul J Meyer
  • Published September 21, 2008
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It's not that we don't care about our future; it's that we haven't formulated a philosophy of living. Without that, we remain adrift on the sea of life's circumstances, a victim to the hundreds of interruptions that naturally occur.

A philosophy of living is a list of reasons that determine why you do what you do. Your personal philosophy clarifies your underlying values and the basic principles on which you "conduct the business" of your every day life. I've noticed that all truly successful people have identified their individual philosophy of living and use it to guide every decision and plan they execute.

Five-Point Philosophy of Living

At the basis of my own philosophy for living is my relationship with Jesus Christ and my dependence on God. From that basis I have defined all my other plans and aspirations.

In addition, at the core of my being, I am a goal-setter. Almost everything I do is formulated from a "goal-setting mentality." I learned early in life that without strong, clear goals I would easily wander off track.

Since we are all individuals and our philosophies can vary a great deal, let me spur you on by sharing my own five point philosophy of life:

Point #1 - A positive attitude: I know a lot of people feel they've arrived once they join the "glass is half full" club, but I have expanded that concept to my own "the glass is full all the time" club. In fact, I am always seeking ways to make it overflow!

Someone once told me that everything we accomplish is 12 attitude and ability to communicate. That's why I have cultivated a positive attitude about everything. I refuse to entertain any negative thoughts. I get up every day affirming that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Point #2 - No worry: I discovered that worrying about things never did me any good, and in fact, it actually diluted my abilities and strength. Now I simply refuse to worry. I give any concerns I have to God and go about my business. I know He is well able to attend to all my needs.

Point #3 Peace and contentment: While I know that some days will definitely be better than others, I've made a decision to be happy each and every day. I view each day as new and full of promise. Learning to be contented and at peace no matter your situation is a great gift that God offers each one of us.

Point #4 Strength and Power to achieve: I believe that my potential to achieve is unlimited and backed by the power of Christ. I envision myself a risk-taker; someone who is bold and courageous, open to new opportunities.

Point #5 Stewardship: Everything already belongs to God, but because He loves me, He allows me to use some of his riches. I know that everything I have or achieve is because of His supply and generosity. Even the joy I am able to experience when I give to others is a gift directly from God.

Forming your own philosophy of living

You may think you already have a good idea of your philosophy of living, but I challenge you to take the time to actually write it down. Writing something down requires you to completely crystallize your thoughts and provides yourself with a very powerful motivation for action.

Once you have written a rough draft, continue to hone your words until you have a very concise list of points that guide your life. When you have it completed, make a copy and place it in a very accessible spot so you can refer to it often. Over time you will absorb your philosophy of living and it will become the "knee jerk" basis for all your life decisions.

By using a personal philosophy of living, you will clarify your goals and minimize the distractions and detours of life that can throw you off course. Knowing why you do what you do greatly increases the likelihood of your success.

When you think about it, isn't your future a lot more important than plans for your next summer vacation?

Paul J. Meyer is a New York Times best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and a millionaire many times over. His life-long passion is helping people develop their full potential in business and leadership through tried and true methods of achieving success. Visit for more resources.

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