What is a Baby Monitor?


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  • Published October 8, 2008
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A baby monitor is a very handy equipment for parents to feel at ease when they can't be in the same room as their child. At night you can sleep in another room while still being able to hear or see when your baby wakes to be changed or fed. During the day it can give you the freedom of doing other things around the house during nap time. Many parents find monitors useful from birth well into the toddler years.

Audio Baby Monitors

There are two types of audio baby monitors: analog and digital. Analog monitors traditionally were subject to lots of interference from other household items that gave off a wireless signal. While this still can be true of cheaper analog monitors, today most have more than one channel enabling you to select one that has lessens interference. Some analog monitors have better costumer reviews than others. They are Graco Ultra Clear II, Fisher Price Private Connection, Evenflo Whisper Connect, and Tomy Baby Link. To guarantee an interference free transmission and clear reception you will need a digital monitor. Digital baby monitors encode the signal as it travels between the monitor and the receiver. Now some of these device have extra features, such as temperature gauge, remote control night-light, walkie-talkie function, etc. Graco iMonitor, Philips DECT, BT100 and BT150 Digital Monitor, are the most popular brands that have good customer review.

Video Baby Monitors

Video baby monitors, also known as baby cams, give obvious added benefits such as seeing if your baby has come out of their blanket, or if he is sleeping in an awkward position, etc. It has a video camera and a monitor screen to see and hear your baby. Modern video baby monitors even have color TFT LCD screen. These monitor may also be useful for older children, so you can remotely check on them if they are playing by themselves in another room. Summer Infant Baby's Quiet Sound Video Monitor, BébéSounds Portable Video and Sound Monitor and MobiCam, are the most popular brands that have high customer rating too.

Baby Breathing Monitors

Also known as movement sensor monitor, respiratory, or apnea monitor. If you have to worry about sleep apnea (the baby forget to breathe while sleeping) that can lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), a breathing monitor will be useful. It consists of a sensitive pad that go underneath his mattress. These monitors will continually detect your baby's breathing and movements, and alarming if your he stops breathing in a certain period of time or if the breathing rate slows. Respisense, Angelcare Movement Monitor, and BabySense are several trust able brands for Baby Breathing Monitor. They're used in many hospitals and advised by many doctors.

Parents with hearing difficulties should seek out a monitor with additional features such as visible signals or LED lights that indicate sound level, or even better, those monitors with a vibrating alert feature.

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