Baby Stroller Accessories for Parenting Pleasure


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  • Published October 7, 2008
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There are countless baby stroller accessories to choose from when outfitting your child’s stroller for a more comfortable ride. There is everything from extra cushions, to strap covers and extra storage to toys that hang down for them to play with if the ride gets too boring. Baby stroller accessories fit most all standard size strollers, and there are also baby stroller accessories for double and triple strollers as well.

Starting at the back of the stroller, where the parents stand and push the stroller, there is a parent’s organizer, which is basically either a tray that snaps on to where the handle is or a ‘bucket’ that has Velcro straps and it hangs from the curved handle. The ‘bucket’ has two cup holders and a secret pocket for valuables and the middle is insulated for snacks or can just be used to carry keys and a cell phone.

Also in the back of the stroller are several different types of stroller accessories such as mesh bags and thin backpack style bags for carrying extra clothing or diapers or toys that don’t fit in the cargo area below. These bags usually Velcro on or slip over the handle bars or curved bar for pushing the stroller, in addition to the bags, there are large plastic hooks that snap on to the arched pushing handle that will be able to hold a diaper bag strap, purse strap, grocery bag or a coat and scarf. They come in sets of two and are great stroller accessories to add.

There are countless items that can be snapped onto the arch that is the handle that pushes the stroller. There are cup holders, an umbrella holder, a powerful light for dark nights, and an odometer for telling how far you’ve gone, especially for jogging strollers.

Inside the stroller there are a number of stroller accessories that help baby to be more comfortable such as strap covers and adjustors, quilted bumper padding or a small head holder for when she or he is trying to sleep. Lambskin covers for the entire strollers inside to help keep them comfortable and then there are mesh netting that cover the entire strollers outside so that there are no bugs getting to the babies and rain ‘hoods’ and covers to keep them dry.

Other stroller accessories include frames to convert the strollers into car seat or carrier holders so you don’t have to move the baby from the car seat over to the stroller; the car seat becomes the stroller.

There are add-on stroller accessories such as the toddler stroller step in which a toddler can stand and ‘ride’ along with the baby. This attachment goes on the back of the stroller and has two wheels to stable the child and they can hold on to the inside of the arch while the parent pushes the stroller. Along the same lines as the toddler stroller step, there is the jump seat for toddlers in which it attaches to the back of the stroller, allowing the toddler to sit behind the baby and ride along with them, basically making a single stroller into a stroller for two!

Learn more about baby stroller accessories and understand why many parents choose baby stroller accessories to make strolling more enjoyable.

David Cummings is General Manager of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to active families.

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