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  • Published October 12, 2008
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A familiar Christmas song mentions chestnuts roasting on an open fire but, when you're sitting around the campfire in the middle of the summer, it's marshmallows you'll want to roast. The feeling that you'll get from camping out in the middle of nature isn't something you can get from doing any other activity. As the weather warms up in the spring, thousands of people like to get out of the house and go to where they can commune with the serenity of nature. Tents and sleeping bags are usually unpacked and made ready for use.

Warm weather is your cue that it's time to get out of the house and head for the campgrounds. Now that the long, cold winter months are past, it's time for everyone to go outside and start moving again. Are you a person who's enjoyed camping for many years or are you new to the experience? If you are new to this, you're in luck! This article will give you information on what you will need to pack for camping and what to expect as you enjoy your encounter with nature.

What type of things should I take with me camping?

Let's see… you will definitely need to take some extra clothing. The weather will factor greatly into the type of clothing you will need. You will need to bring along the following items no matter where you go camping: sleeping bag, food, water, small hatchet for chopping firewood, and matches. Other items that some people pack are: coolers for food, fishing poles, tents, and a radio to listen to at night. What you take depends largely on how you want to camp and what you want to carry with you.

What can I do when I'm camping?

You can do whatever your heart desires. Some people look at camping as a way to relax, so they spend a majority of their time just relaxing by the campfire and reading a book. Some people want adventure such as rock climbing or white water rafting. You can also swim, hike, ride bicycles, or even go horseback riding while you are camping. It is a great way to explore the area.

How can I avoid wild animals getting into my food?

When you're out at a campground, one of the best ways to discourage animals from getting your food is by keeping it inside your car where they won't be able to access it. If you're one of those people who likes to camp out in the woods all alone, be sure to store all of your food up high so that animals won't be able to reach it. Animals are also less likely to get into your food supplies if you keep the campfire burning. Other ways to discourage animals from raiding your campsite is not to leave any food scraps lying around, burying them a reasonable distance from where you're camping.

What foods do most campers find they can't get along without?

It just isn't right to try and go camping unless you take along wieners and marshmallows to toast over your fire. These two things are staples that tradition demands we have. The type of camping you're doing will dictate some of the food items you should bring. A lot of people like to trap small game out in the wilds and then cook it over their own campfire. If you're camping near a stream or a river, you might want to try to make your own nutritional meals with fish that you catch yourself. In any event, any type of food seems to taste better when prepared outdoors rather than at home.

How much do tents cost?

Small tents average around thirty dollars. The larger, more sophisticated tents can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the type and brand you buy. There are also tents that are designed to be shades from the sun and will be set up where you set up your table. If you purchase one of these awnings, make sure it comes with mosquito netting to keep those pesky blood suckers away from your delicate skin. Any outdoor sporting store will have a variety of tents for you to choose from.

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