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  • Published August 1, 2009
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What’s the point of having a room in your home that doesn’t get used for anything more than a showcase for trophies or other precious belongings that no one is allowed to touch? You home should feel inviting and lived in, and no room should be an exception. There are plenty of creative ways to display your personal treasures without sacrificing the freedom to enjoy every square foot of your home.

Award-winning Manhattan interior designer Mark Polo has seen countless trophy rooms transformed into the useful, beautiful and comfortable rooms they are meant to be. His process starts as any New York interior designer's should – with a personal, in-depth New York interior design consultation at the homeowner’s residence. Incidentally, Polo is a New Jersey interior designer as well, bringing the same quality, professional approach to New Jersey interior design. In fact, Polo’s interior design services are available to homeowners all over the country.

"You already know the answers," Polo tells his clients.

"My job is to ask the right questions."

He discusses with homeowners their likes and dislikes, style and color preferences, and family customs to get a feel for what sort of transformation would work best for them. During this initial visit, Polo also shares his portfolio and points out the benefits of going with either a trendy or classic design approach.

When redesigning just one room it’s important to make choices that will harmonize well with the rest of the home. That said, homeowners are often so inspired by the redesign of one room that they ask Polo to redesign every other room in the house.

Once a design has been decided on, Polo and his team of designers and contractors carefully oversee the project from beginning to end. This is a tremendous advantage to homeowners as they can trust him to bring to the project all the elements that a successful redesign requires:

• An eye trained to see the project as a whole without losing sight of the details

• Focused attention with the end goal in mind

• A special touch for the element of surprise that will delight both you and your visitors

• Unique materials purchased at retail with a discount

• The ability to keep you within your budget by knowing where to save money and where to spend

In addition to his talent and experience that spans 30 years, clients are most impressed with his personalized attention and ability to blend their design ideas with his own. That’s what accounts for a roster of clients that includes actors, singers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, Wall Street professionals and even other interior designers.

Whether you have a trophy room you’d like to see transformed, or you’re looking for changes throughout your entire home, schedule an appointment with Mark Polo today.

Interior designer Mark A. Polo likes to let his work speak for itself. A twenty-eight year career filled with accolades and accomplishments, he is one of the area's most sought after personal and professional design consultants. With a roster of clients that includes politicians, actors, rap singers, doctors, lawyers, Wall Street professionals, builders and even other designers (for their own homes), Polo takes each job from conception to completion, bringing individuality to each space he designs.

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