Payday Loans and a Nightmare Waiting to Happen

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  • Author Abigail Franks
  • Published April 18, 2007
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It all starts out nice enough until you pick up the mail and notice a letter from your bank. Apparently due to a simple math error in your checkbook register, you've bounced check. Now a bounced check in previous years, would simply have resulted in your bank, requesting that you make good as quickly as possible, along with correlative with modest service fee.

In today's hyper inflated maximum income driven world however, almost nothing is as bad as a bounced check situation. An attempt to maximize profits, banks have become increasingly more willing to sacrifice good business relationships with long-term customers for short-term gain. Understand we're not talking about the person who habitually writes bad checks but the average Joe or Jane that makes a simple math mistake or error in judgment.

How many of us have at one time or another made a deposit in the bank and immediately pay our bills without deposit? This can sometimes be a problem depending on how the bank balances its own box. Although many banks acknowledge or post deposits before handling withdraws, some do the opposite in an attempt to maximize overdraft fees.

Some banks will even bounce your check, and then take out their bounced check fees that result in yet another bounced check in your account and another fee etc. Don't let this happen to you. Use the link below and get a list of payday loan service companies that will give you your first loan interest free.

Smart consumers will check with their bank to understand their overdraft and banking procedures. If you find your account was opened at a bank that posts checks written on your account before your deposits, find another bank fast!

If you are financially solid enough to qualify for overdraft protection, this is probably the best insurance you have available to keep from paying high overdraft fees. Speaking of those fees, instead of the modest service charges banks at one time charged for accidental overdrafts, fees now range from a low of $25 to as much as $40 or more depending on the bank. Should you bounce a check, it's quite normal for bank fees to be more than $100 especially if you can't immediately.

Payday loan companies have been accused of charging extremely high interest rates by the government and so-called consumer groups. The fact remains however that your local bank may be charging interest in the form of huge fees that is actually a lot higher than a payday loan service.

So remember that while consumer groups and the government claim to be the consumers friend, they're not saying much about those huge fees charged by big banking institutions. While they feel safe bullying small payday loan service companies they are apparently unwilling to take up the much larger problem and deal with the large banking corporations. After all, the real reason for saying anything is for publicity and media attention. [smile]

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