Why Gas Credit Cards Are No Longer Second-Rate

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  • Author Max Anderson
  • Published June 5, 2007
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It used to be that gas credit cards were the credit cards you applied for when you needed to improve your credit history. Nowadays, that's no longer the case. Gone is the era when all gas credit cards offered was a high interest rate and welcome to a day and age when these financial tools have become must-have pieces of plastic.

  1. Kiss High Interest Goodbye

If you think carrying a gas credit card means paying interest rates of more than 20 percent, you may want to think twice.

Gas credit cards are no longer the money guzzlers they used to be. Nowadays you can get a gas credit card with an interest rate of well below 20 percent. Just shop around and you'll find plenty of low-interest gas credit cards available.

  1. Combat Those Gas Prices

Most of us do what we can to make our gas dollars stretch. Who can blame us with the way gas prices have been going? Usually, saving gas money means conserving gas and changing driving habits. After all, it's not like you can find coupons for fuel discounts in the local paper.

While you may not be able to find coupons for 25 cents off a gallon of gas, you can use gas credit cards to save money at the pump. Many gas credit cards offer money back or gas rebates when you use the card to pay for your gas purchases.

While it may not seem like a lot, a gas rebate of 5 percent can equate to 15 cents a gallon. That's taking a $3.00 gallon of gas and lowering the price to $2.85. Considering some people would drive across town to get that kind of a price break, gas credit cards are looking better and better as prices go up.

Just remember, pay those balances in full each month or your rebates won't cover the finance charges you accrue.

  1. More Than Just Gas

Some gas credit cards offer added perks that have nothing to do with gas stations or fuel. Some gas credit cards have been known to offer dining rebates, double cash back bonuses and other great perks.

If you haven't considered gas credit cards lately, you may want to give them another glance. After all, many of us have been saying that gas is like gold -- so maybe a gas card is like a gold card? Check out the current deals and you may be surprised that many of the gas credit cards out there really have a lot to offer.

For more tips on getting the best gas credit cards, saving money and avoiding getting taken, check out CreditCardTipsEtc.com, a website that specializes in providing credit card tips, advice and resources.


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