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  • Author Jd Howard
  • Published June 22, 2007
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Truth, good and beauty. Every man thrives to accomplish and have their own perception of the 3. One man's good can be another man's evil. Right and wrong is, in aspect, wrong and right.

The true knowledge and perception of one or the other lies not in man. It existed before everyone of us and our creation. They were existent, in their aspects, before we derived on earth. Truth existed before every man knew they were even existent. Every man should have doubts about truth one way or the other. The truth a man believe as truth should be speculative, by that man. We can favor our own informed or derived perspective as a truth. We can be influenced and misled one way or the other and/or persuaded by our perceptions.

That which causes construction and destruction to lives and things could be our most sound influence of structure in distinguishing true values and truth of our suppositions to composing real truth. It seems to be the most basic implementation.

Why is lie bad? Who made it bad or what? Where is the book or source it derived from?

Why is stealing bad? Why is it even a word? Who made it a word, and why?

It should all be common sense, but is common sense only sense because it is common. What book, nature or source did all of these principals derive from?

How arrogant can we be as man to say what we don't understand, or what we didn't have hand in, to claim in a spontaneous creation? It also is subject to speculation. Why wouldn't it be, be it is man to determine?

We don't know the magnitude or means of fulfilling this status of life. We don't know when or if we have completed our destiny/destinies when we have. Why is it we never use the full capacity of our brain, more so close to half?

Man lives and is yet to see what lies after life, unless he has gone and returned. How can we claim to know without any doubts, and lead others of that which he has concluded upon supposed bases, and even have thoughts to be realistically taken serious.

Man most farthest and longest from the truth claims right to truth's conclusion. Indefinite and uncertain about the future or long past. Right in the middle of what happened and what's going to happen. Before we knew we where to come into existence. Truth was already existent and of it's own essence.

Truth can not be concluded or determined from basic suggestion. How can we derive to our conclusions in determining their final theories on inconclusive basis and be so careless enough to influence others at such a great risk and risk of mass consequences of which is so possibly permanently detrimental?

Should one be exactly precise and definite, especially when he persuades others of his truth, and still be that it have a possibility of possibly not being precise?

That of uncertainty should be carefully examined. One can not depict conclusion with spontaneous thoughts. It never fully concludes.

To much is given much is required. This means you are at higher standard of consequence for your action when you hold higher position. This mean you hold greater responsibility for your action because you stand above many. With your high statues and position is higher consequence. You have more of a responsibility of obedience and higher consequence for disobedience.

The hidden key to our life

With suppression of one man, many fail to realize, becomes suppression of an inability to open certain keys only that man is able to open.

With suppression of one man, we loose focus of the big picture. We loose a big picture we could have known.

This is why there is a great sang, the web you weave is your own.

We look at Joseph in the bible who brothers sold him into slavery and into a hell. But in the end Joseph surfaces to save his brothers.

How long can a man hinder his own blessing?

I look at the suffering and pain I’ve had to endure over the years with this disease and illness I encountered. The agony and hell of over 25 years of suffering. But in thinking of this issue, of holding keys, I see something. The man that holds a key to my healing and other ailments others suffer could be on drugs right now, in jail or on the streets under a bridge. The man that holds the key to my healing could be the man I didn’t help or other’s deem unworthy of breath.

There are millions of questions in life and billions of men to answer them. But not every man tends to the question of his life and strive to answer the question. He can be the only man with the key to open that book. The answer could possibly save many others.

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