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  • Author Andreas Paris
  • Published September 27, 2007
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Humans have always believed in everything with some supernatural power. Entities like the Sun, the Moon, a great mountain, a storm wind and things like that have always tickled human imagination. In order to be able to 'communicate' (ask for help) with such powerful 'beings', the human imagination began to personalize the supernatural. That was the start of Mythology and religion. Even humans with incredible power and abilities found their way into Mythology.

Actually we ought to be grateful that Mythology exists. It passes down to us events that could be the sole imagination of our forefathers but also events that could have some historical background. Thanks to Mythology we know more about our origins.

The main religions of today, like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are events based on some historical/mythological roots of later date. We have no intention of offending the worshipers of any religion as we believe that neither the original Christians nor the original Moslems had any other choice. Both Christianity and Islam claim that it was 'God' who ordered the introduction of such beliefs along with commandments on how to live 'a proper life'. It was certainly not possible to reject a request from god. These two religions created by 'God' have evolved into great powers counteracting each other and dictating much of human development since then.

We are not intended to give an account of every hostile action between Christianity and Islam. Without criticize any supporter of these two religions, we can note that their supporters have been fighting each other just because of their religion, in the name of their god. A lot of blood has been spilled through crusades and jihads. Today we have two worlds, the Christian and the Islamic, sometimes cooperating with each other, but even facing each other as their greatest enemy, still a result of the two religions created by the same god.

Now imagine a different world. First, imagine a world without Islam which was created some six hundred years after Christianity. We can assume that the Islamic world of today would have been under Christian influence. The Moslems would probably be Christians and perhaps all the rest of the world. We could have been a united global community under the same 'God'. I assume that all humans would welcome such a community.

Then imagine a world without Christianity. The world would probably be under Islamic influence. The Christians of today would be Moslems believing their religion is the only 'true' one. Again, we could have a united world under the same 'God'.

Then why did 'God' create more than one religion? Obviously, a united world under one religion was not on God's agenda. If we believe that Christianity was created by 'God' by the 'name' Yahweh through his son Christ, then we ought to believe that Islam too was created by 'God', by the name Allah through his prophet Mohammed. But what was God's purpose? Looking at the results, I thing most people agree that 'God' did something wrong. Of course we can always justify his actions we do not understand by saying 'mysterious are the ways of God'. Are we supposed to be satisfied with that? Obviously many people are not. This is why they cannot accept the doctrines of Christianity.

Some people believe that Christianity was created by the only God, his only son and his apostles. This is the version described in the Christian Bible. Some believe that the whole story about Christianity is an assembly of Mythological events and beings. It would have consistently been created as a conspiracy under some three hundred years by some rather uneducated fanatic Church fathers. Yet, some people believe that most of the events and persons in the Christian Bible are historical except for the fact that 'God' was not god but an alien.

According to Sumerian and Babylonian clay tablets, the man who became 'God' in the Christian Bible was an alien prince who came to Earth to obtain Gold. This theory can explain the actions of this man. What we have here are the actions of man, obviously an enemy of humanity and not the actions of 'God'. He was only interested in our gold. In order to protect his interests and secure the future of his Gold Mission, he did everything he could to neutralize human development. The most effective way to exercise dominion over the humans was, according to him, to subject the human mind under religious doctrines that would direct development into paths serving the interest of the Gold Mission. The human mind would be enslaved by religious doctrines.

Have we been cheated then? Are religions just tools helping the aliens to maintain dominion over us? As soon as somebody mentions 'aliens' most people are thinking of ufo's and small green beings. Suppose those aliens looked like us who have been 'created in their image'. Some of them have been preserved in our Mythologies, like Enlil/Zeus, Hera, Quetzalcoatl and many others. Some of them found their way into the Christian Bible, like Yahweh/Enlil, Gabriel/Ares and even in the Koran, like the archangel Gabriel.

Independent of what we believe concerning their origins, they have influenced human development and almost every individual human life on Earth. So the question about who they were, mythological or real, is of extremely great importance. We, believers, unbelievers or whatever, may believe in whatever we wish, but we can never ignore the influence or the manipulations of those gods. Neither can we ignore the evil treatment of our ancestors by them, either they are called God and angels, mythological beings associated with nature or aliens gods and their crew.

Is Christianity sold by means of force, crimes and murdering advertisement? We have to admit that all religions consist of some good preaching too. But that was necessary; otherwise nobody would bye the idea. Have the believers in the letter of Holy Scriptures capitulated intellectually to the religious doctrines not allowing discussion or criticism? Have they subjected to the will of God or have we surrendered to the aliens helping them to create a divided world full of conflicts that would allow them to continue their Gold Mission?

Would a world free of religion have been a better world? Christianity says that it is sinful to question God's actions. It is sinful to make use of his name unless necessary. We are not allowed to make any research about him, his name or his actions. If we do we would be punished!

Then we do not question anything about him because of fear. By doing so we would be rewarded in another world in some virtual reality. Is fear and hope the secret behind religions? Is human understanding and cooperation a threat against God? He confused the one common language (by creating several new languages) in order to make any communication between humans impossible or, at least, more difficult. We are just beginning to communicate with each other around the world. But it has been more than 5,000 years since the confusion of the tongues. More than five millennia are for ever lost, with respect to development, because of God!

We are supposed to justify crimes against humanity begotten by God and his angels. Then we have to admit that God has not been very nice to us. His 'name' in the Old Testament is 'Yahweh' or 'Jehovah'. In Sumer he was called Enlil and in the Greek Mythology Zeus. 'Angel' derives from the Greek 'angelos' meaning 'messenger'. Then we could say Enlil or Zeus and his messengers. It sounds less respectable than 'God and his angels'.

Since I refuse to ascribe criminal actions to God, the benevolent creator of all, the all-knowing, all-powerful being we like to believe is out there in the universe, I also refuse to justify such actions by saying 'mysterious are his ways'. I rather prefer to ascribe the criminal actions stated in the Christian Bible and the consequences of the religions introduced by 'God' to the alien prince Enlil/Yahweh, who said 'I am your god' and his members of his Gold Mission, the messengers who became angels in the Christian Bible.

Andreas A Paris, economist and IT specialist, loves ancient history, Mythology and Science Fiction. He has read Sofokles, Euripides, Homer, Plato and other classic Greeks in ancient as well as in Modern Greek.

He believes that many mythological events should move into History since they describe parts of the early human history.

He is the author of 'The Gold Mission - So Far No Good'.

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rob · 12 years ago
mr./ms. andreas paris, so you'd be enlightened and your questions/misconceptions be answered, got to the Jehovah's Witnesses or visit their website good day!

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