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  • Published September 30, 2007
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  1. Did humanoid visited the Earth?

  2. Is there UFO?

  3. Did

humanoid visited the Earth?

Let’s assume that the visit of humanoid into the Earth took place. How did it

look like?. Firstly, there should be humanoid vessel that landed on earth. Once,

one vessel landed sooner or later others should land; i.e. not depending on the

first humanoid returned back home or died on his way back, not depending on

that, there should be different visits on our planets autonomously. This thought

should not call for any objection: that is how people discovered new earth:

classical example, time of the Great Geographical discovery. New earth (planet)

was discovered also: first of all the new comers find the way, then follows

research expedition and finally settlers.

How do you think, is there nothing in our planet that can be of interest to

the comers from other planet? Unlikely, negative answer. If it’s so, it means,

they should have created  a settlement, a base for findings, research for

collecting what they are interested in.

What can attract them? Our flora and fauna? It can be possible. Our mineral

resources? Also possible. Surrounding planet and asteroid? Off course, they are

very diverse, something might interest them!

Let’s look into the closest to us planet. The earth is rich in useful mineral

resources, if they are not attracted by our  biosphere, and our inorganic useful

minerals. Then organic minerals must be of interest. The comers are as well

biological creature, that means completely rear in scale in all cosmos organic

molecule available in the form of oil,, coal and peat. Wood and others would

have been of interest to our unwanted guest!

If humanoid flew to us million years ago, then might have seen these objects

and materials, if they flew not long ago, they would have seen us, people that

must be of interest to them more!

So, first conclusion: In the solar system there is probably something that

can be of interest to humanoid, who discovered it.

Here arose natural question: comers used all what they needed and flew away

or is it not so? Difficult to understand the logic of humanoid creature. It’s

more easy to understand people’s logic and fully fledged to it: such is people’s

logic, we never ourselves came out from anywhere! We, people constantly develop

new environment around us, not scared of ice snow and parching deserts. We

people purchase reason and therefore develop unfavorable places to us. Using the

available to us machine and adaptation. So, why humanoid also with intellect

(they should have it because they flew in) could not do similarly? Off course,

they could therefore under the most unfavorable natural condition to them 

doesn’t matter, at least on functional base in the solar system must be!

So, second conclusion: If humanoid whenever visited the solar system, then

today there must be as minimum as one of their functional base in the solar

system. Now very interesting process in the solar system is taking place on our

earth, civilization is developing, taken new forms and this process must be of

interest to the comers. Therefore they must “come closer” to the object under

research, humanoid would not carry on their activity in Neptune completely

neglecting the earth. We also in similar situation will act in the same


So, third conclusion: If the base of humanoid is located at the bounds of

solar system, then they  and their robots must at a given time be located on

earth gathering information about human beings. But there is always mistakes,

also always unforeseen and undefeated phenomenon in nature. That means, with

humanoid there should be catastrophe, ruin and accident. Let their techniques so

developed that ordinary earthly method could not detect it on earth, but the

possibility of accident sooner or later should get to us,  the presence of

humanoid on our planet is indisputable to people. They understand not better

than we do, therefore, observing the mask would not be long.

So, fourth conclusion: In the process of their location on Earth, humanoid

should have at least once sustain catastrophe which would give us indisputable

proof of their visit on earth.

Such type of proof should treat: techniques and devices of humanoid,

themselves but not photograph and video film, all possible eye witness! In as

much that there is no INDISPUTABLE proof, it means that there wasn’t comers on

our planet.

The expression “probably” used, because I could not  100% possibility

confirmed and the same time with 90 – 99% I could confirm it.

Humanoid never visited the Earth, and the major proof is their

absent on Earth.

 2. Is there UFO?

 Unknown Flying Object is the opinion of a particular group of people.

Interplanet (or interstar) vessels of humanoid. Today, there is accumulated mass

of evidences about the flight of UFO, in vision and photographs. There are

radars evidence and eye witnesses, but no one real indisputable accepted fact

about the existence of UFO, the body of humanoid, their cosmic vessels are not

available. Also no robot and devices having clear unearthly origin. Therefore,

the existence of UFO is an open question.

UFO belongs to the class of objects as Loch Ness monster, snow man, bigfoot

and other different  phenomenon which there's no real fact about their

existence. Anybody could raise an objection: "Is photo and video films not an

evidence?" It's possible in the court but not in science!

The description of new species of animal needs at least one sample of such

animals: If it's large animal, then there must be as minimum its skin and skull.

So, also with UFO and other bigfoot, for scientific research there must be part

of these objects which presently none.

So, first conclusion: No indisputable fact of the existence of UFO.

But UFO can exist in reality, the proof of their existence not yet

discovered. Also there is no fact of the absence of UFO in real life!. Off

course, if there is no exhibition of general review of flying object, it doesn't

mean that in nature it doesn't exist. But from other side (here I start partly

referring to my former article about humanoid) there's always mistakes and

undefeated process in nature. It means that, there must be catastrophe, ruin and

accident i.e. in relation to UFO. UFO should have broken down, burnt and fell.

As a result we people would have received indisputable evidence about the

existence of unearthly intellect

So, second conclusion (which coincide with the fourth conclusion from my

former article about humanoid): In the process of their presence on earth,

humanoid should have at least once sustain catastrophe which would give us an

indisputable proof of their visit on Earth. And so, as there is no INDISPUTABLE

fact, it means that also no UFO on our planet My expression "probably" used is

because I can't with 100% possibility confirm, at the same time with 90-99%

assurance confirm that: there isn't and wasn't UFO on Earth!

These two conclusions from the two articles beautifully supplement each


1.  Humanoid never visited the


2.  There is no UFO and wasn't UFO on


Konstantin Schemelinin 


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