I Am Real Cool: Avoiding Personal Ad Disasters

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  • Author Frank Vanderlugt
  • Published October 7, 2007
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When you’re considering what you should put into your online personal ad or profile, you might want to avoid using "I am real cool" and other such statements. If you’ve looked at other profiles, you already know that some are complete disasters and the individual on the other end is probably wondering why no one is responding. Writing a profile will take some work but you can get a profile that grabs attention if you work at avoiding the common mistakes that others make.

Mistake #1: Negativity

Many people list all of the bad qualities that they aren’t looking for in a mate or express negativity about their dating experiences online. Let’s face it: most people aren’t looking to date cheating, dishonest losers. Stating this in your profile makes it appear that you have some baggage to deal with. Leave discussion about past relationships and experiences for later.

Mistake #2: Common Clichés and Adjectives.

Along this line, avoid all the cliché adjectives that people use to describe themselves. You may think it’s a positive to say that you’re honest, don’t cheat, and so on, but the reality is that people overuse these adjectives and they are often used by the very people who shouldn’t be using them.

You want to be able to set yourself apart from others and let potential dates get to know the real you. Show yourself in your profile and get specific. Talk about what you love and what makes you tick.

Mistake #3: Appearance, Sex, and Money

Some people will focus their profiles on aspects like appearance, sex, and money. They’ll focus on these aspects in themselves and in the individuals that they are looking for. While these things are important, too much information on them will make you look shallow or creepy. It’s fine to describe yourself in a G rated way and give an indication of your lifestyle, but leave the rest out.

Mistake #4: Boring, Boring, Boring

You want your profile to stand out. That should start with an attention grabbing headline and continue into the profile. Boring profiles sound just like each other and they won’t make someone want to contact you. Some people opt for a conservative, boring profile because they are afraid people won’t contact them. This approach generally backfires because people can’t get a sense of the real you. At the other end, if you joke around, do so tastefully.

Mistake #5: Too Much Information or Too Little

Some individuals give way too much information in their profiles while others barely give any. You need to strike a good balance. Your profile doesn’t have to include your entire life history, but you do need to tell potential dates about yourself. Aim to give your profile a personal stamp, but leave some things to talk about on the first date.

Stating "I am real cool" may get you a few responses, but you’re much more likely to attract quality individuals if you put some time into your profile and work toward making it reflect who you are. Even if you are "real cool," you can probably find some unique and interesting ways of showing this to those reading your profile.

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