My Fourth Step to Harvest Life Gracefully


  • Author Jane Jonas
  • Published June 19, 2010
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My Fourth Step to Harvest Life Gracefully-Soul search, listen to your heart, where the truth lies, accept the truth, respond to the truth, follow your passion that lies in your heart, then go out and enjoy your life.

The act of soul searching is to face your innermost self, honesty and courageously accounting for thoughts, emotions and motives about your life. Soul searching is an important step to "Harvest Life Gracefully". Not to soul search will only lead to a self-deception of yourself, it will corrupt your soul and then your soul will feel troubled, dissatisfied and discontented, because every good human being has a conscience.

Soul searching is meditating. A good way to meditate is to take quiet time for yourself, preferable on a daily basis. One may say, how can I take this time when my life is so busy and chaotic, but it is essential for your well-being to make time for meditating. You may need to value exactly what your priorities are in order to find the time to meditate. I like to live by this standard, from the,"Just For Today, I Have A Choice", I learned from one of my self-help groups, I had went to, the eighth "Just For Today" says, "Just for today I will stop saying "If I had time." I never will "find time" for anything. If I want time I must take it." I believe that it is true, t when we view something as important, we do find and make the time for it. My belief tells me, after my love for my higher power, the first and most important element in my life is me, because I believe, if I don't take care of my well-being, then I can not be of good service to anybody else.

There are several ways one can meditate. Some examples are, yoga, praying, listening to meditation tapes, going out for a walk, spending time with nature, listening to music, sitting by a camp fire, light candles or going into a church. Just find what works for you. At first you may find it difficult to quiet your mind while meditating, don't be discourage with this, as you practice, it does becomes easier.

While meditating, you must listen to your heart, what your heart says is where the truth lies. You can find all of your answers to problems, situations and your purpose in life, by meditating and listening to your heart. Sometimes the truth you find in your heart can hurt, and cause you pain, because we don't always like what the truth has to say or it may tell you to do something that you don't want to do. It takes humility and courage to follow your heart, but to find true peace, happiness and enjoyment in your life, you must follow the truth that lies in your heart. Always remember, you are not alone, your higher power is there with open arms, to give you the courage, to face, endure, to respond, as you follow though with what is needed. A support system of good people, is also very helpful for encouragement, to do what your heart expects or wants you to do.

I am a survivor of abuse and learned how to harvest life gracefully. Visit my blog as I write my story about my life. I am an activist on promoting abuse awareness, I will be posting information about abuse in the effort to end abuse, as well, on positive living.

I am a survivor of abuse,who learn how to harvest life gracefully by following 5 Steps

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