How to Increase Your Wealth and Peace of Mind - 1 Effective Tip You Must Be Stupid to Ignore


  • Author Moshood Oseni
  • Published October 6, 2010
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There’s this page on Facebook with this kind of name: I know money can not buy happiness but I’d rather cry in a Ferrari. The first time I saw that page, I laughed. Why wish for something that would make you unhappy? If you definitely know that with all that money, life would still turn out to be a living hell, so I see no reason why you should wish for it at all. According to that page, wealthy is what I must become even if my life ends up being a living hell.

Many people think exactly like that. But they just don’t realize what they are giving up on their quest for wealth. True success includes peace of mind. But when you think of money as a matter of "Do or Die," you do things that kill peace of mind. Guilt of hurting others to get your money kills peace of mind. Memories of their pain and tears kill peace of mind. No matter how rich you may be, no matter how many houses you may have built, I don’t care about how many cars you have, with peace of mind gone, you can never be classified as a success.

Getting rich shouldn’t be a matter of "Get Rich or Die Trying." No body said anything about getting killed; not when you play it well and smart. Riches should be something you own. More like a trait or a birth right. Can birth rights be taken away from you? Even the law forbids that. It can never be taken away from you because it’s part of what defines YOU.

Like a guy said in his book, "Superheroes do not work for compliments, but they do get them anyway." They get them because they deserve them. You, like he meant, are one of the superheroes. You need to focus on helping others. You need to focus on seeing people happy. Compliments, like he meant, are the things you deserve. With the right intention and right attitude, the compliment, in this case is money, will come no matter what. It will come because you’ve worked hard and you deserve it. When you make money in this way, you are a true success because peace of mind comes along with it. All you have to do is believe in yourself. You just need not to look down on yourself. You’ve got to believe you have what it takes. Something like Take It or Leave It I’m Rich.


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