The Enchantment of Romance And the Magic of Roses


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  • Published October 16, 2010
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The Enchantment of Romance And the Magic of Roses

Written and edited by Charlie Farricielli

And Jenny Marie Poudrier

Before you read through this, please imagine and trust the love and appreciation that you have in your relationship for your lifetime soul mate. By no means think of the negative, forever reflect and contemplate the positive! There are so many tribulations, obstacles and rough roads in relationships today! There is a way to overcome them all!

Just today Jenny and I were discussing life and universal laws and we recognized that love is not always what we think it should be and we have no right to believe that we can manage or control someone else. Never Assume! Our love is love! Don’t resist what you may think as good or bad! Place no judgments on what you consider good or bad! Simply love! Pure unconditional unreserved love!

As I mentioned in a current article recently published by Ezine,


I have been successfully and contentedly involved in the business of selling fresh superior roses to lovers and compassionate amorous men and women all over the world. I wanted to demonstrate authentic words that could accurately be silently spoken when giving a miraculous rose. I receive blessings and pleasure, and incredible gratification when I could assist a loving individual lost for words with the silent language of the rose. Fresh cut roses are the ultimate timeless "expressions verbalizing unconditional love, uttering inner unexplainable feelings and whispering silent messages of ones accurate thoughts from nature’s awe-inspiring rose."

So I wanted to write about love and the magic of roses and romance! I hope just one suggestion from this article will enhance your love through the fascination and traditional charm of roses and romance!

You see my friend I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the many astonishing pleasures of life just through the magic of giving roses. Think of it this way. What you are about to discover is one of the most incredible secrets of life itself. This law is one of the most transformational principles that governs our universe and breathes life into the lifeless. Practice this principle and you will become more abundant and attract amazing miracles and astonishment in every area of your newly discovered life.

This is in fact the most direct route to all your amorous manifestations and awe-inspiring dreams come true. It has almost magical qualities to it and will turn the mundane into the most beautiful. It is a gift to yourself and a gift to others. This belief will literally re-shape and recreate your entire life forever.

These principles will bring light to the darkest corners of any life. It will turn frowns into smiles and sadness to joy. It is possibly the greatest healer of all our unhappiness. Once we learn to work with it, this certainty will free us of any negative energy that surround or daily lives. This principle holds the power to transform our lives eternally.

Gratitude and appreciation! As powerful as Love! Together they are Love. Appreciate all that life offers. Be grateful for all that you are and have! Be thankful for life itself! Praise the good and the not so good. Always live in this state and your life and your surroundings will instantly and miraculously change.

"The Miraculous Appreciation Bag"

In an effort to help our friends and family experience life’s wonders of the appreciation and gratitude phenomenon, Jenny and I have recently created an effortless way to inspire our dedicated blog readers to be grateful every day of their recently blessed lives. We have experimented with our own "Appreciation Bag" with our family and associates for decades and wish to bring this magic into your life.

We have witnessed our family and friends’ lives change boundlessly and miraculously.

We would like to share this enchantment and life-changing understanding with our readers that will allow you to achieve the same phenomenon and mysterious results that we have experienced!

Be constantly aware of your blessings! Be thankful for all you are! Jenny and I have experienced this miracle and we are grand living proof of the power of appreciation and gratitude.

You can discover how gratitude can foster profound abundance and achieve self-actualization by expressing what you are grateful for.

You will begin to experience and feel the power immediately of your own "Appreciation Bag" which will create crucial transformations and ever-lasting and life-changing attributes.

If you are interested, kindly contact Jenny or Charlie Farricielli for complete information at and just add "Appreciation Bag" in the subject line!

Live well and be well.


Spice up your relationship and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day you will both remember. Select your favorite and have fun!

  • Send your partner a dozen roses of their favorite color along with a check for a hundred kisses.

  • Order a dozen roses, eleven red and one white. In your personal message write something like: "In every bunch there’s one that stands out – and you are that one".

  • Want your partners’ eyes to glow? Order a bouquet of different colored roses and place each one in a different place in your home. Where you place the dozen roses, also place a small card (decorate it nicely if you like) where it will state the meaning of each colored rose and how that meaning fits in with your lives.

  • When you pick up your partner have a single rose waiting on the passenger seat for him/her. He/she will be pleasantly surprised but the real surprise is yet to come… Have two dozen roses waiting at home.

  • Give a bunch of long stem roses for no reason. That will sure surprise.

  • Dress your bed with a white satin cover and scatter red rose petals all over. Light candles, put some soft music, have fun!

  • Order 11 roses and in the bouquet put an artificial one that looks real. On your card write something like: "I will love you till the last rose withers."

  • Get a journal (buy the same color journal to go with the color of roses you are going to send) and fill it with romantic quotes and love poems. Tie a ribbon around the book and give to your partner along with your dozen rose gifts.

  • Another variation to buying a journal and filling it with quotes is to write all the memorable moments you have shared and how you felt during those times. Like the first time you met, etc. Telling the other person how you feel always makes that person feel special. Of course accompany this with a beautiful bouquet of roses, or even one long stem rose.

  • Send your partner a dozen roses – Surprise number one. When they’re wilted, turn the rose petals into potpourri, put in a nice decorative box and this is surprise number two. Your partner will be delighted with your thoughtfulness.

  • Leave a trail of roses leading from the front door to the dining room where you have laid the table with fine dining wear and candles ready to enjoy a romantic dinner. Leave another trail of roses leading from the dining room to the bedroom. Scatter some red rose petals on your bed.

  • Write a long love letter telling your partner why you love him/her. List in it all their good qualities. Write down all the things he/she does that makes you feel special. Write down how you see your future together and anything else you can think of. A better idea would be to write all this stuff in a journal so it can keep longer. Accompany with a dozen of their favorite colored roses.

  • Write a love letter to your partner and put it into an attractive glass bottle. Fill the tub and scent it with your favorite aromatic bath oil(s). Scatter in a few rose petals and put the bottle in the tub. Let your partner discover it for themselves when they get into the tub.

  • Give your partner 11 roses and tape the last one to the mirror of your bathroom. Tell him/her to go to the bathroom where they will see the last rose along with your message that says ‘these are the 12 most beautiful things in the world.’

  • Buy a bunch of different colored artificial roses. On each rose write what each color represents. These roses will last forever and your partner when they look at them will always be pleasantly reminded of the first time they receive them.

  • Place a rose on the windshield of your partner’s car which they will see and be delighted by before they leave for work. This will make them think beautiful thoughts about you all day. Then when they get home, present them with the rest of the 11 roses.

  • Lay a white sheet on the floor of your bedroom/living room or wherever else. Scatter rose petals on it, place candles around the sheet, put on soft music and have your partner lay there and give them a massage.

  • If you have a spare key to your partners car and know where they park during the day, while they are at work, put a bunch of roses in the car seat along with a note. They will be pleasantly surprised that you were there during the day.

  • Present your partner with 10 red roses and 2 white roses. Write in the card something along the lines of "You will never be alone".

  • Two weeks before Valentine’s Day, send your partner a rose for every day leading up to the big day. For the day arrange to do something you don’t usually do as a special treat to celebrate.

  • Make a list of the qualities you love about your partner. Write each one individually on a small card and hang off each rose.

When reading this list, REMEMBER…this list is intended for intimacy romance between couples "IN LOVE":

  1. Buy roses.

  2. Watch the sunset together.

  3. Back rubs/massages.

  4. Listen to classical music and cuddle in the dark or with backlight.

  5. French Kiss.

  6. Hold your lover with hands inside the back of his/her shirt.

  7. Whisper to each other.

  8. Cook for each other.

  9. Random acts of kindness.

  10. Kiss in the rain.

  11. Dress each other.

  12. Undress each other.

  13. Kiss every part of your lover’s body.

  14. Hold hands.

  15. Sleep together. (Actually sleep with each other…not sex)

  16. Foreplay any day.

  17. Sit and talk.

  18. Buy gifts for each other.

  19. Define gratitude to your love.

  20. Wear your lover’s favorite cologne/perfume when you’re together.

  21. Wear your husband’s clothes.

  22. Find a nice secluded place to lie and watch the stars.

  23. Incense/candles/oils/backlights and music make for great love making.

  24. Kiss every chance you get.

  25. Don’t wear underwear and let them find out.

  26. Kinky is bad…Blindfolds are good.

  27. Lightly kiss their collarbone and their jawbone just below the ear, and then whisper "I love you".

  28. Bubble baths with rose pedals.

  29. Go for a long walk down the beach at midnight.

  30. Make love. Make love again.

  31. Write poetry for each other.

  32. Kiss and smell your lover’s hair.

  33. Hugs are the universal medicine. Hug!

  34. Say "I love you", only when you mean it and make sure they know you mean it.

  35. Give heart-felt gifts of flowers/candy/poetry, etc.

  36. Tell your lover that he/she is the only person you ever want. Don’t lie.

  37. Spend every second possible together.

  38. Tell your lover that he/she doesn’t have to do anything he/she doesn’t want to. And mean it.

  39. Look into each others eyes.

  40. Very lightly push up your lover’s chin, look into his/her eyes, tell him/her you love her, and kiss lightly.

  41. Talk to each other using only body language and your eyes.

  42. When in public, flirt with each other.

  43. Walk behind your lover and put your hands in his/her front pockets.

  44. Put love notes in your soul mates’ pockets when they aren’t looking.

  45. Clothes are no fun.

  46. Buy your lover a ring.

  47. Keep something special of your lover somewhere where you see it everyday.

  48. Sing to each other.

  49. Read to each other.

  50. PDA = Public Display of Affection.

  51. Take advantage of any time alone together.

  52. Kiss your lover on their forehead when he/she is sleeping.

  53. Draw your lover.

  54. Let your wife sit on your lap.

  55. Go hiking and camp out together in the woods or on a mountain.

  56. Lips were made for kissing. So were eyes, and fingers, and cheeks, and collarbones, and hands, and ears.

  57. Kiss your lover’s stomach.

  58. Always hold your lover around her hips/sides.

  59. Live in love!

  60. Take your lover to dinner and place a rose on his/her plate.

  61. Spaghetti . . . (ever see Lady and the Tramp?)

  62. Hold your lover’s hand, stare into his/her eyes, kiss his/her hand and then put it over your heart.

  63. Unless you can feel their heart beating, you aren’t close enough.

  64. Dance together.

  65. Sit in front of a roaring fire and make love.

  66. Tell your life mate you love the way they look right after they’ve fallen asleep, with their head in your lap.

  67. Carry your lover to bed.

  68. Waterbeds are fun.

  69. You figure it out.

  70. Do cute things; write "I love you" in a note.

  71. Break every one of your ‘safe’ relationship rules for your life mate.

  72. Make excuses to call your life mate repeatedly in one day.

  73. Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say "I love you".

  74. Call from your business trip to tell your life mate you were thinking about them.

  75. Remember your dreams and tell your life mate about them.

  76. Drive home from work just to see your life mate, before turning around and going back to a business meeting in the evening.

  77. Sit in your car in the driveway, honk, then blow your life mate a kiss as you leave for work.

  78. Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears.

  79. Share your deepest convictions.

  80. Be Prince/Princess charming to your life mate’s parents.

  81. Act out mutual fantasies together. (Not necessarily sexual)

  82. Brush your lover’s hair out of his/her face.

  83. Stay up all night to think of 101 ways to be sweet to your life mate.

  84. Hang out with your life mate’s friends, too.

  85. Learn to listen.

  86. Take your wife to see a romantic movie and remember the parts she liked.

  87. Cuddle together under a full moon on a clear night.

  88. Learn from each other and don’t make the same mistakes twice.

  89. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  90. Describe the joy you feel just to be with your life mate.

  91. Make sacrifices for each other.

  92. Really love each other.

  93. Write a fictional story about how you met/fell in love, etc. and give it to your life mate.

  94. Let there never be a second during any given day that you aren’t thinking about them, and make sure they know it.

  95. Hot tubs are great.

  96. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages, including sign language.

  97. Dedicate songs to them on the radio.

  98. Fall asleep on the phone with each other.

  99. Sleep naked together.

  100. Stand up for your life mate when someone says unkind things about them.

  101. Never forget the kiss goodnight. And always remember to say, "Sweet dreams."

  102. Groom your spouse. Ask to brush your wife’s hair when she gets out of the shower. Shave your husband’s face.

  103. A Short Story – You know the guys that go around in restaurants and bars with the basket of roses selling them? "My husband sought him out one evening before coming home from work, bought the entire basket of roses, and left them on my doorstep, then called me and told me to go to the front door! That was so romantic!"

  104. Be waiting at your lover’s car when they get off work, out of the beauty salon, when they get done grocery shopping . . . be creative!

  105. Tell your lover What Love Means to Romance.

  106. Live to Love and Love to Live!

  107. While your lover is out put a bag of Hershey hugs on the door knob. Put rose peddles mixed with Hershey kisses on the floor leading to the bathroom with lights off. Add candles for your light lined up all the way to the bathroom. Include two dozen roses lined all over the bathtub with a card in plain view. On the card write, "Now that I have hugged you before you walked in the door, kissed the ground that you walk on, and showered you with roses . . . will you be mine forever?" – Joseph Wade Step

  108. If you are in the military or have a long distant relationship with your spouse or loved one, try creating a jewelry box. You can buy all you need at an inexpensive gift shop and decorate it with the things your love enjoys. Write a love letter and decorate the box with hearts and stars. Inside the box you can write a thought for every day of what you remember as great memories in your relationship, or things you like about each other, reasons why you fell in love or even things you want to plan for your future together.

  109. Take a latex balloon (not inflated) and fill it with some confetti, a love note to your soul mate and a photo of yourself. Take the balloon to a balloon shop and have them fill it with helium while the items are still in the balloon. Attach a pin and a note that says; "Please pop" to the balloon string. Leave the balloon by your soul mate’s bedside before he/she wakes up in the morning.

  110. "Post your love" for your soul mate with post-its throughout the house.

  111. Softly and lightly blow on the back of your lover’s neck.

  112. Place a single rose under your lover’s pillow.

  113. Surprise your lover’s mom with roses at a luncheon.

  114. Paint her toenails.

  115. Wake your lover up with a gentle kiss on the lips.

  116. Nothing is more precious than a kiss on her lower lip.

  117. Take your lover out to the playground and swing together as if you were both in your teen years.

  118. When your lover has a particularly long day on his/her feet, prepare a nice bath for him/her. While soaking in the warmth of the water, sit on the edge of the tub and massage your lover’s feet.

  119. Watch the movie "It’s a Wonderful Life" together! (No babies, cell phones allowed).

  120. Play a sport together.

  121. Set up a tea party for "couples only".

  122. Make a bag lunch for your lover to take to work and include an apple with a love note.

  123. Buy her a lipstick color that you like.

  124. Work out together-tell each other you want them around for a life time!

  125. Pray together.

  126. Tell your lover what life would be like without him/her.

  127. Call your love at work and tell them to leave work-you can’t tell them what’s wrong until you see them. Have a secret hotel suite reserved with candles, chocolates, etc. Let them know you couldn’t focus at work because he/she was on your mind.

  128. Invite your lover’s friends over and throw a big cookout for him/his friends – serve them all night.

  129. Play PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo WII with your lover all night for a change.

  130. Tell your beautiful love that you appreciate her having your children.

  131. Buy an invitation for your lover and decide when, where and what time that you want to have an enchanting evening.

  132. Travel together at the last minute and leave everything and everyone behind.

  133. Use Rose oil to massage your lover from head to toe.

  134. Wash the dishes for your lover.

  135. Go shopping with your lover.

  136. Try on new clothes that your lover wants to see you in . . . even in the fitting rooms at the store.

  137. Wash the car with your lover.

  138. Tell a stranger how long you have been married.

  139. Call your married friends over once a month and watch each other’s wedding videos or vacation trips together.


What "being romantic" means varies widely from person to person, but at its core, romance involves doing something to express affection in a meaningful yet unexpected way. A true act of romance requires creativity and sincerity, inspired by love.

There are millions of romantic ideas in books, movies, and on the Internet, but true romance comes from within. Here are some thoughts and ideas to get in touch with your inner romantic person.

What Is Romance?

Romance is a gift from God!

Although it’s not so much a definition, as it is no more precise than the word "romance" itself, one way to describe romance succinctly is "what women or men want out of a relationship". But though romance may not be definable, there are still some heavenly, universal laws that bestow an appreciation, a gratitude and a gift of experience that we so long to desire. Below, we have documented many of the inspirational elements of romance. Mix these infinite jewels up, and you have a treasure chest of happiness, romance and unconditional love.

Intrinsic Romance

Being Intrinsic is belonging naturally. It means essential. Intrinsic Romance is an essential ardent emotional attachment/involvement between two people. Love your partner naturally.

Low Light

Candles are romantic. Sunrises and sunsets are romantic. Any kind of low light, is romantic, hence why dinner dates after dark are more romantic than lunch dates at noon. Combine low light sources, and it stands to reason that the air of romance will be so thick, your beloved will be blind to anything else but the radiance of her shimmering knight in armor.


Red is romantic, because red is the color of love and passion. Consider roses. Red roses mean, "I love you." So you do not want to be wrong. Get her red roses, red ribbons, red balloons, red teddy bears, red puppies, and red tickets to the World Series, and she’ll fall hopelessly under your spell.

Background Music

Background music is romantic, and note the word "background," because not just any music is romantic. Base your selection on music that is soothing and pleasing to your senses.


There is nothing sweeter than showing how you really feel for one special person especially by presenting him or her with a box of Belgium pralines or a basketful of assorted chocolate squares, drops and bonbons with or without a bouquet of flowers.


Act out an impulsive gesture every once in awhile. It should proceed from natural feeling or impulse without any external stimulus; "an impulsive gesture of affection" is a perfect way to be romantic, when she least expects it.

Your Time

One of the required ingredients of romance is your time. Enjoy each other, together.

Remembering Birthdays and Anniversaries

Remembering your beloved’s birthday and your anniversary is a necessity. If you are the forgetful type or do not abide by a calendar, you can always utilize www.RoseFarm.Com International to remind you of any special dates coming up. Simply signup, enter the dates you want to remember, and will send you an email.


Even if you get all the essentials of romance right, a lack of style could still foul you up. Try to be as honest, sincere and loving as you possibly can, as this is the optimum romantic style. Your lover will notice how elegant, humble, refined, independent, thoughtful, responsible, compassionate, spontaneous, reputable, graceful, polite, literate, entertaining, discreet, funny, upstanding, sensitive, fun, sophisticated, pleasant, selfless, reverent, and genuine you are.


-Charlie and Jenny

Charles E. Farricielli founded a full service wholesale and retail florist business in West Haven, CT in 1975 called Farricielli’s Flower City, and has served as the company’s President since 1975.

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