How to Cope With Internal Conflicts


  • Author Roseanna Leaton
  • Published October 19, 2010
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There are two sides to every coin. In life we are provided with endless opportunities and an equal number of choices. Some choices are easily made; others can prove to be more difficult as they evoke conflicting emotions.

Quite often the conflict involves a desire to have or achieve something whilst at the same time a lack of desire to pay the necessary price. We want to gain X but do not want to lose possession of Y. These conflicts in fact only arise when we are presented with a choice. If there was no choice we would know no better, desire no more and be content with what we already possessed.

The key to happiness is in accepting what you have and where you are and thus enjoying the moment. If you yearn or long for something different your focus is taken away from the moment, thereby stripping away your capacity to enjoy it. How do we reconcile the knowledge that to be happy you have to accept where you are and what you have with the knowledge of all of those tantalizing things which we know could be just around the corner?

We live in a world where we are constantly encouraged to want more, to expect more. And the more we have the more we want; at least, that is the pattern which is most often observed. Ironically the more that a person has tends to be reflected by an equal growth in dissatisfaction. That is rather ironic, don't you think? How can we have "more" and also be happier? Surely this must be possible?

The key to happiness, as I mentioned before, is in accepting what you have and enjoying the moment. This does not mean that you cannot still want more. There is a balance between enjoyment of the moment and striving for more which can be achieved without creating a conflict. Emotional conflict only occurs when the desire for more prevents you from enjoying what you already have; when it creates a feeling of "this is not good enough" instead of "this is great, but that would be even better".

Unhappiness comes from rejecting what you have instead of accepting what you have. And acceptance or rejection is a choice which we all have to make. No-one else makes that choice for us. We are the people who control our own feelings and reactions. We cannot change reality but we can always change our perception of it and hence our emotional reaction to it. This can be achieved more easily with the help of hypnosis mp3 downloads.

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