The Mystique of Inner Beauty - "Shift Happens"


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  • Published November 7, 2010
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I recently received a letter from a very light soul who candidly and sincerely offered the following:

"Understanding who we are is so confusing. I learn lessons every day, but I see I am still lost… We read many books, trying to find ourselves. I have a heart that wants to give and to love... In this society, it can be rather scary."

I’m certain you can empathize from the perspective of experience. Who among us has not at some time reached a similar conclusion?

In times like these I like to remember a pet aphorism of mine: shift happens. It’s an amusing turn of phrase, a wondrous truth, and a guide on the path of self-realization. Ancient and mystical, today we have the power of modern science to corroborate it.

The Gnostic principles underlying every philosophy and religion came to modern parlance in a small book published in 1912 called The Kybalion. It presented a summary of what we now call the Hermetic principles; among them, the Principle of Vibration: everything moves; nothing rests.

Ask a physicist and she’ll tell you that an even seemingly inert substance like rock is teeming with activity, as the sub-atomic particles that comprise it swirl about in constant motion.

Add the Principle of Rhythm: everything must flow in and out; all things rise and fall. A "pendulum swing" manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is commensurate with the swing to the left.

We see this law realized as the second law of motion in classical physics: for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

What goes around comes around, and as they say—shift happens.

We manifest the circumstances upon which our minds dwell; the task is to direct your attention to that which you want to experience. Lay the groundwork, follow your intuition and prepare for arrival. You don’t have to know how it works, simply trust it will. Confidently expect and find ways to experience your dream right now.

The most effective way to shift from wanting and waiting to having and holding is easily remembered, because it’s also the best way to eat a feast—one bite at a time. Here’s the mantra:

Small shifts bring great benefits.

Look about you. Opportunities abound; many shed light on the signposts that lead to a seamless shift in the shifting sands of life. Some signs are brightly lit and clearly marked. . . do you heed them? Oblivious, myopic or diffident, we often miss them reticent to choose in our own best interests.

Other signs are more arcane and obtuse, challenging us to determine what next. Sometimes we’re up for the challenge; other times we’ll disclose the devil in the details, maintaining that better the devil you know than one you don’t.

Fortitude, ye of little faith! Confusion and uncertainty are messages from inner space beckoning to be heard, proclaiming it’s time to make a move. Take heart!

Rather than resist the inevitable, anticipate the shifts and watch as they come your way. You can just as easily make them work for you as against you, so choose wisely. A friend of mine used to say if you’re being run out of town—get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade!

Be proactive. Is there something small you can think of, a humble gesture, a modest adjustment of your activities, a slight modification that leads in the direction you want to go? Maybe it’s shifting the habits of your lunch break. Take 20 minutes to walk, meditate or catch up on your reading. Observed over a month or year, the cumulative outcome can be life-changing. A small shift like this, used wisely, can offer you great benefits.

Beneath the fear, hesitation and uncertainty is a timeless heart of unerring beauty. With faith in your inner wisdom, the next step becomes easy to take. Put one foot in front of the next, slowly and surely, and trust the messenger. Now you’re moving in a positive direction no matter where it leads.

Remember that personal growth is a path, not a destination. In the garden of earthly delights, the hunt can be even more fun than the finding.

Peter Winslow, DcH is a Life Coach and Counselor. He connects his clients to their inner power for life changing results. He offers services, products and information for optimal health, happiness and personal enlightenment.

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