If You Had Three Wishes What Would They Be?


  • Author Roseanna Leaton
  • Published December 25, 2010
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What have you always longed for? To lose weight, have more money, to live somewhere else or in a different time, to be a championship golfer, to have children, to be a writer? The list of possibilities is endless. There are so very many opportunities presented to us in this Universe and thus many choices which we have to make.

Almost all of the things which we wish for are indeed possible, other than such things as wishing that one could sprout wings and fly or change the parents who bore us. We know that many of the things we wish for are possible and yet still feel that they are out of our reach; in our minds we make what is possible seem to be impossible. We don't believe that we can do it, or we do not feel that it is meant to be, or we do not think that the effort is worth it.

If the latter is the case, then you do not long for whatever it is quite enough. When weighing up desire versus effort, your desire falls short. What can you do to increase that desire? Or another question which you might ask is what is stopping you from wanting it enough? Some people may assume that the hurdle to be overcome is laziness; but that is really too easy an answer. When you look beneath the surface you will usually find that a lack of self belief, a lack of confidence, is what is preventing the person from making the requisite effort. That is the real truth behind the mask of laziness.

I know a person who tells a wonderful tale about going fishing. He decided to go fly fishing with his father in law. He got all of the gear, and totally looked the part and everything went well with their first few fishing expeditions together. Then one day he decided to go fishing alone. Wearing all his new gear and carrying all of the best equipment, he settled down beside the lake. A few casts later, he caught a fish and reeled it in. So far so good!

But he didn't know quite how to get the fish off the hook. He noticed some young lads nearby and called to them, asking them to get the fish off for him and pretending that the job was "beneath him" instead of explaining that he didn't know where to start! You will notice that his lack of confidence even stopped him from trying to work out what to do. He wasn't lazy and nor was he arrogant, although this was how he appeared; he didn't actually like the idea of getting the fish off the hook and he lacked the confidence to try.

The fact is that if you want something enough in life you will get it, so long as you have the confidence to try. Confidence is what makes your wishes come true. Yes, there are other elements which serve to add to the overall equation; luck is a very welcome commodity too. But confidence is a central theme to success in absolutely everything in life.

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