The Crimes We Commit Against Our Happiness!


  • Author Kari Farmer
  • Published December 4, 2010
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Everyone's goal is to be happier in life, or at least it should be. You should want to experience joy and live your days doing things that make you feel good about yourself and your life. But we tend to spend a lot of our life doings things that go against our happiness and we literally 'commit crimes' and steal our own happiness away!

Here are few common crimes that we commit on a daily basis.

  1. We deny ourselves things we love by being busy doing things that do us no good. For example, we listen to the complainers and join in with their conversations even though it makes us feel bad and negative about life. We could be using that time for happier things like taking a walk or laughing over a joke but instead we force ourselves to stay there and dwell in negativity.

  2. We watch TV that makes us unhappy and sad when we could be watching things that make us feel good about life and ourselves. If you think that's its imperative to watch the nightly news then you are essentially stealing away your happiness and other things you could be doing that directly affects your life at that time.

The news makes us scared and unhappy. Very seldom does it make us happy and very seldom does the news do anything for us but add negative emotions in our lives. And then we tell everyone we know about what happened on the news which just wastes more of our time being negative and fearful!

  1. We worry about things that are beyond our control and literally rob ourselves of precious moments that we could be using towards our happiness! We spend hours worry about things that may happen but normally do not every occur. Think back to all the moments you've robbed yourself from joy with worrying and you will instantly see the impact it can have on your happiness.

  2. We don't take action towards our happiness and instead settle for things that don't bring us joy. We are robbing ourselves of happiness because we are scared to take action or we are afraid of the unknown. Either way we are cheating ourselves out of what could be.

  3. We rob ourselves of bonding time with our family and loved ones to do things that don't matter. This includes watching five hours of TV instead of playing with our children or taking our dogs for a walk. Strong relationships are a big part of being happy in life and when we deny ourselves those relationships because of TV, money, work, or anything else we are stealing away precious moments from ourselves that we will never get back.

These are just a few of the ways we commit crimes against our happiness every day. I'm sure you can think of some more that you may commit on a daily basis that you had never noticed was actually a crime before. Take action and stop sabotaging your happiness!

Kari is the owner of manifest connection at, a self help website focused on helping people become happier and healthier in their lives.

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