Are You Just a Little Girl Who Wants to be Loved?


  • Author Roseanna Leaton
  • Published January 1, 2011
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You have to nurture your inner child in the right way or she or he will never grow up. We all revert to childhood thoughts and ways from time to time, and sometimes this is good, whilst at other times it can be wrapped up in a feeling of powerlessness.

It is good, in fact it is wonderful, to revert to childhood ways in the sense of skipping down the road or looking at things from the perspective of child-like wonder. To think in a youthful way about the world around you keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated. It you have a childlike ability to live in the moment you will be free from worries, anxieties and tensions because worry does not exist in the now. Worries are always about the future, never in the now.

But if you hear small voices in your mind telling you that you need help or guidance or that you cannot cope, this too is a way in which your inner child can surface. In this type of instance the effect is to feel helpless, as you did in certain situations as a child. Again, every one of us experiences this phenomenon from time to time; that's normal. But if it happens to you a lot, and you end up constantly second guessing yourself or feel unsure about anything and everything in life, then it is time to see what you can do to help your inner child.

If you felt secure and confident as a child you will usually feel pretty much the same as an adult. Those early experiences set you up for life. But if you felt insecure, then the child in you may still feel insecure even when you have learned as an adult to don a mask of confidence for the world around you to see. You may be very adept in social situations, powerful and successful in business and sport, and be involved in a good and nurturing relationship; but beneath that mask is still the little girl or boy who, like Julia Roberts in "Notting Hill", says "beneath it all I am just a little girl who wants to be loved".

Security or insecurity of attachment as a child tends to set the scene for later life, unless you take the time to seek out your inner child and reassure him or her. Insecurity leads to a feeling of being out of control, and no matter how well controlled your life is, you will still feel out of control. This may be displayed in many different ways; you may be afraid of flying, or lifts, or being a passenger in a car. You may suffer from panic attacks. The symptoms may be few or many, but you can rid yourself of them all simply by providing your inner child with support and encouragement.

This can be achieved by listening to hypnosis mp3s which are designed to build your inner confidence. Hypnosis provides access to your subconscious mind, your inner mind, the part which was so open to suggestions and experiences as a child. With hypnosis you can absorb new suggestions easily, replacing your inner child's insecurities with a calm and powerful feeling of self confidence.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in confidence hypnosis mp3s.

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