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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL; equine = horse) - as it is called here at the SeaHorse Centre - is a program tailored to nurture wellness and to discover our full human potential.

In general "horse assisted learning" or "self development and awareness through contact with the horse", "Equine Assisted Therapy" or "Experiential Learning with horses" as this type of work is also referred to elsewhere in Australia and around the world is a powerful way to bring us back to our natural way of being.

What is Equine Assisted Learning?

Firstly I would like to give a general answer to this question which I believe covers this type of work regardless of the name used.

Equine Assisted Learning is about connecting to nature through contact with the horse, our equine guide.

Why does this invoke insights into our lives?

Equine Assisted Learning programs enable us to go beyond our preconceived image of ourselves and see what is! How we are responding to people, incidents in our life and why. When we come into contact with this large powerful animal it becomes necessary to be very present, in other words to fully experience the moment. The horse responds not to what we are showing on the outside but to what we are truly feeling and thinking in that moment. His response and body language tell the facilitator and participant much about what is happening in the rest of the person’s life. In this work the horse becomes our mirror reflecting back to us what can look very different from what we would expect to see. The deeper us!

What is the program at the Seahorse Centre about?

For the specifics of such a program I would like to outline the ideas used here at the Seahorse Centre. Of course there are several other ways to approach this work.

Developed here at the Seahorse Centre by Christine Scott was a program that we call Freedom Beyond Technique. And as far as we are aware the approach is unique in the world. It has been going since 2003 and Christine Scott our facilitator has held workshops in Australia and New Zealand but also internationally in several European countries.

The centre uses a simple but powerful program which is based on 3 principles "Thought, Consciousness and Mind" which lead you to a deeper understanding that is experienced from a feeling basis. These are principles of life are constant and when we become aware of their powerful yet simple truths we will see the way our lives are unfolding will change forever.

The program of Freedom Beyond Technique takes you beyond the need to use technique, methods or training as awareness rises and makes way for change and freedom. It also aims to reawaken your childhood wisdom and love of life and take you back to your innate health through a series of signposts. These might have names like listening, body awareness, senses, being present, feeling, trust, acceptance, truth, thought and happiness. We go on this journey through games, music and contemplations. When the horses are involved the work is done mainly on the ground with the horses free to express their message to us.

This innate health is available to all of us. Just let go and it will come to the surface.

What is innate health?

This is something we have all experienced at some time in our life. How do we recognize it? In the EAL program we become aware of the different feelings associated with our ways of thinking. When connected to our innate health we feel calm, at peace and the world slows down. Take a moment to think of one of these times. How did it feel? Where were you at the time? Where did it come from? Where did it go to? These are some of the questions which might arise on your journey back to the joy and happiness of your innate health. A journey on which you have a companion, a wise, present, and powerful being. Yes, a horse!

So when you come here we ask you to leave preconceived ideas behind, expect the unexpected and most of all have FUN!!!

By Chris Scott

SeaHorse Equine Centre

Horse Assisted Therapy

"Helping horses to help people"

Busselton WA 6280 Australia


Christine Scott is a facilitator of Equine Assisted Learning in Australia, New Zealand and Europe with years of experience having been one of the first in Australia with these programs.

Sea Horse Centre also accommodate horse and rider get aways fun for the family and the horse too.

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