How to Declutter Fast


  • Author Clint Arthur
  • Published February 5, 2011
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Opening things up in your life starts with eliminating clutter.

I am so passionate about this issue of clutter and helping people unclutter their lives and to gain clutter control over their homes.

In this article I've got another really great quick tip for you on how you can create more time in your life so that you can declutter fast and get it out once and for all....clear your clutter to make room for new stuff.

I love this time management habit. It's a serious technique, it's a habit I use every single day.

When my wife doesn't use this system that I have learned in order to create more time, and she wastes so much time when she doesn't do it, I get so frustrated.

You are going to benefit from this enormously.

This is how you're going to create so much time that you are wasting. You are going to start creating more time out of thin air.

When you get something in the mail. You get an envelope. Open it up, take out the piece of paper, and throw away the envelope. Throw the envelope away!

Do not ever put that piece of paper back in the envelope. Ever!

Here's what my wife does and it drives me crazy because she has a clutter issue....I'm not embarrassed to admit that.

She opens the envelope, unfolds the paper that comes out, look at it, fold it back up, and put it back in the envelope.

Now what?!

The next time she wants to figure out what to do with what's in that envelope, she has to open the envelope, take out the paper, unfold, look at it, fold back up and put back in the envelope.

Now imagine the difference if she were to take it out of the envelope when she receives it, unfold it once, and throw the envelope away.

I know it's only a few seconds. Maybe it's 10 seconds. But if you do that every single day with 6 envelopes, that's 1 minute. 7 days = 7 minutes per week. 4 weeks = 28 minutes per month. 2 months it's now up to 1 hour. 12 months it's 6 hours of wasted time. It's almost a whole work day. Multiple that by 10 years. That comes out to be 60 hours in 10 years, that's a whole week and half of work. Now let's say you make $2,000/per week. That's $3,000 you just created of time. Free time.

All by just throwing the envelope away.

Sure, on a microscopic level, each time you do it doesn't make that big a difference, but when you add it up over the course of decades, it's huge.

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