Working With Purpose -Does It Matter?


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  • Published April 16, 2011
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The fact that you are reading this article would suggest that it does matter to you, and that makes it important. Each of us is motivated by different needs and desires, such as winning, overcoming challenges, using a talent, or making a difference in other people's lives.

What does working with purpose mean to you? How do you measure purpose? What makes you feel satisfied with your work? If you are having difficulty answering those questions, look at it from the opposite perspective. Tony Robbins suggests that you describe the "job from hell". Theoretically, you can then work out what the "job from heaven" is for you.

Working with purpose and making it financially viable, if that is important to you, is a matter of finding what is satisfying to you, and finding a target market. What have you got to give, and who wants it? Justin Beiber loves to sing, and young teenage girls love to listen, sing along, and buy his music. Sports people love to compete against themselves and others, and sports fanatics love to watch their local and national team win, especially when the sports people have to use all their skills to succeed. I am sure you have heard people complain about how badly their local team played in the post-game roundup, so it obviously has meaning to them as supporters..

So how do you work out what "working with purpose" means for you? It is important that you get clear about what you want to do, and how you want to do it. Remember that working with purpose is subjective and what gives meaning to you can be another person's nightmare.

What are you strengths? What do you love doing? What gives you the greatest feeling of satisfaction? If you are not sure what direction to take, check out my blog, and download my and get to know yourself.

If you have already chosen a career, or taken on a job that you thought was right for you, and feel dissatisfied, maybe it is time to go back and review what you initially thought you would be doing? Is it still satisfying to you, or do you feel like you are not doing what you wanted to do? You may have become a nurse to help people at a time when they are unwell and needing support, but find that you are underpaid, miss your children, and spend the whole day doing paperwork. Has your life changed, or were your expectations not met? What can you do now? It is time to reassess? Your purpose may have enlarged as you have matured, and you may be ready for new pastures.

Doing what you love is energizing, and taps into what comes naturally to you. That does not mean that we always work in a way that is best for us. The demands of our jobs, family issues, interaction with fellow workers, clients and others can be stressful and start to affect our work if the work-life balance is affected. We can get too involved in the lives of our clients, and not look after our own well-being. What worked for you previously may have changed as your life circumstances changed and it might be time to take a look at your current situation. Is it your job that is not meeting your desire to work with purpose, or is it the rest of your circumstances that are crowding out that sense of satisfaction that you long for.

Working with purpose is more important to some people than others. For those who want to share a gift, belief, or a helping hand; their paid or voluntary work becomes a vocation. Knowing what motivates you can help you to identify what you want to be doing, and where you want to be doing it. By having a strong sense of what you want to achieve, you will be more able to see if the job or voluntary opportunity will meet your needs and allow you to do your best work, and get the most satisfaction.

Mary Speller is a coach and has two blogs. In the first blog http;// she helps people to create a life that is perfect for them. In her second blog she writes about network marketing success.

Working with purpose, for Mary, means using her writing gift to inform and encourage others, while creating income from home enables her to continue to do what she loves. You can contact Mary through either of her blogs if you would like to discover your purpose.

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