5 Tips To Help You Get Out of Your Bad Mood


  • Author Kari Farmer
  • Published April 22, 2011
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Sometimes we get into a bad mood that are hard to get out of. In fact, we don't put a lot of effort into getting out of these bad moods but instead just mope and sulk around until we eventually feel better. But sitting around and feeling bad is really a waste of time. We could be doing so many positive things with that time instead. So here are some ideas to help you pull yourself up and start feeling good again.

  1. Go For a Walk.

If you are in a bad mood the last thing you want to do is get up and start moving, but a walk may help you feel better and is worth the energy it takes to get out there.

Walking allows us to burn up some energy and therefore take some of our energy focused on the bad things away. Walking also helps us to focus on other things besides our thoughts. We see the dogs joyfully walking, the kids playing, and nature doing its own thing and we start to focus on these things and feel better.

  1. Watch Something That Makes You Laugh.

Whether you watch a funny show, movie, stand up comedian, or just your neighbor trying to fix something outside, you will start to feel better immediately. The first reason for this is because your focus leaves your negative thoughts and moves onto other things which will bring you a break from being down. And second of all you will eventually start to laugh. And laughter really is the best medicine for negativity.

  1. Do Something About It!

When you feel bad or sad about something it means that it is not something that should be in your life. So if it's something that you can take action on and fix then do it! Once you start taking action to change whatever it is you are upset about you will start to gradually feel better.

For example if you are upset about what you friend said to you then talk to your friend about it. Or if you are upset about not getting a job then start looking for another one. Without taking action nothing is going to change.

  1. Put on Some Music.

Studies have shown that music influences are emotional outlook on everything. A good song can lift you up and get your excited for the rest of your day. So if you are in a bad mood do not put on slow and depressing music, but instead try putting on some music that is upbeat and gets your feet moving.

  1. Get Up and Exercise.

Exercise will burn off a lot of excess energy and therefore take away some of your negative energy. It also releases mood-lifting hormones that makes us feel better and reduces stress and tension in our bodies. Plus you will feel good after burning off some serious calories.

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