1. What Other Choices Are There Besides Part-Time Jobs?


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  • Published June 18, 2011
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Part-time job is an arrangement between the employee and the employer where employee is contracted to work less than the typical full-time hour. Part-time job will be the preferred form of employment for those who wish to have flexibility in managing their time. Nevertheless, besides part-time job, permanent positions may also be created to give flexibility.

There are plenty of methods employers can accommodate the desire for flexibility working hours. Options accessible contain flexi-hour, staggered hours and compressed hours. Flexi-hour enables workers decide on within set limits of when to begin and finish work. Staggered-hour enables workers to have various start, finish and break times where business enterprise benefits with longer operating hours, which are commonly practices in retail stores. Compressed working hour enables workers to cover their total number of hours in fewer working days. This is prevalent in call centre, where workers work 15 hours a day consequently for four days and have a three days break, as opposed to the five day work week and a 2 days weekend.

For corporations that runs shift, flexibility might be developed through shift swapping or rostering. In shift swapping, all workers are allowed to arrange shifts amongst themselves with the only requirement that all necessary shifts are covered. In self rostering, workers get to choose the shifts they would prefer, and their supervisor compiles shift patterns to match their individual preferences while covering all required shifts.

For people who prefers to have periodic longer time off can regarded as arrangements like term-workers, time off in lieu, sabbatical/career break, and even temporary jobs. Term-workers are on a permanent contract but allow to take longer paid/unpaid leave throughout the holidays. Time off in lieu permits workers to take time off to compensate for extra hours they've worked, in several circumstances additional hours clocked could be accumulated for a long holiday. Sabbatical/career break are extended period of time off, either paid or unpaid, given to worker after a period in service.

Even work from home or teleworking is gaining popularity as a result of the emergence of World-wide-web. This is an arrangement where workers spend all or part of their week working from residence or location away from the office, so long as they're reachable through email or phone. This works specially well for mothers with young children.

While employing part-time staff has a number of rewards specially with price control, then again, employer unquestionably doesn't want all employees to be part-time. Transferring the numerous advantages of part-time job that employer gains to full-timers by creating their working hours extra flexible will absolutely have greater staff retention and job satisfaction.

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