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Technical writing can be defined as,

"A method of researching and creating information about technical processes or products".

The main objective of technical writing is to present the hardcore technical information to the non technical people in a way that it is easy to understand and follow.

Best Fields for Technical Writers

Nowadays, technical writers are a lot in demand. Due to the constantly emerging new and innovative technological products; websites, blogs and companies require technical writers who could create product manuals and FAQs for their customers.

Best fields for technical writers are technology, product reviews, instruction manuals, online magazine and blog networks.

Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing can be broadly divided into the following kinds:

  • Legal

  • Medical

  • Scientific

  • Mechanical

  • Business

  • Expository

Popular Technical Writing Fields and Careers

Through this article, you will be able to find the currently popular best technical writing fields.

Computer Software

Companies are increasingly creating and upgrading software applications. The development indicates the significant need of technical writers because with every new piece of software developed, there is a dire need to write manuals, marketing materials, training guides, how-to guides and troubleshooting manuals for the users.

This technical material is also helpful for the helpdesk staff as they find it easy to provide solutions and troubleshooting tips to the customers online and on phone. Computer software is an ever evolving field and rarely stagnant; so there will always be a demand for technical writers.

Computer Hardware

Manufacturers for computer hardware and equipment are mostly in search of technical writers who could create operational manuals, instructional and troubleshooting guides for end users. These manuals are not only helpful for the customers but also those who would use these hardware parts to create finished products.

IT Technology

We are living in a world where every other thing is technology based. Take a look at your cell phones, laptops, television sets, DVD players, electronic appliances and gadgets; all employ technology in one way or the other. Companies making tech based products are always on the hunt for writers who have penchant for technology.

As a technical writer, you will be asked to create product reviews, advantages, disadvantages and comparisons for websites, blogs and written brochures and manuals. The job is tricky; but you can easily handle it once you have ample interest and knowledge of technologically defined gadgets. IT technology is one of the most popular technical writing fields.


Prescriptions, drug manuals, health FAQS, disease guides are the documents which a technical writer working in the medical writing field is expected to produce.

Scientific Fields

There is a high demand for technical writers who could write reports and descriptions of various scientific discoveries. These reports are usually published in scientific magazines, journals and periodicals.


Engineering companies seek the expertise of technical writers to create manuals, presentations, models, illustrations, reports, design specifications for engineers and technicians so that they could carry out their jobs smoothly.

Automobile Industry

Automobile firms are always in search of technical writers who could describe the steel cabins in a way that pulls in the target customers. Technical writers are also required to create installation manuals of cars for those into the car repairing and modifying business; and also guide book for the car owners.

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