Do You Sing In The Shower?


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  • Published July 9, 2011
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Are you one of those people who finds that a tune pops into your head when you are in the shower and you just have to sing? Do you worry about people hearing you or do you just sing your heart out no matter what?

Singing is a way of expressing yourself; it reflects your emotions and feelings. Whether you think of yourself as a good or a bad singer, your singing says a lot about you. Hence the phrase "singing your heart out". If you watch Glee you will be hugely aware of the heart which those kids put into their singing.

When you have the confidence to sing in the shower no matter who is around or your lack of singing prowess, it shows that you are open, you do not worry that people will judge you negatively, and you are pretty relaxed and happy. People do not usually sing somber tunes whilst in the shower. Rather, they tend to be upbeat and free flowing.

Just as singing in the shower can be a reflection of your self confidence, to start singing in the shower can in fact help to build your confidence. It can help you to loosen up and quit worrying about what other people think. Let's face it, if people live close enough by to hear you singing in the shower, they are most likely to be friends or family.

You should be able to be yourself, and to feel free to express yourself in front of this particular audience. And if your singing is not the best you should still be able to enjoy this method of self expression and be able to take a little friendly banter about it from those around you. Singing in the shower allows you to free up your sense of enjoyment, your sense of fun. It helps you to just be you and it helps you to simply enjoy the moment.

When you are comfortable in your own skin and your attention is focused in the moment you can be truly happy. Singing in the shower can help you to do both of these things; it can help you to let go of a lot of unnecessary worries and tensions and therefore to enjoy life a whole lot more than before.

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