What Is Your Greatest Personal Strength?


  • Author Roseanna Leaton
  • Published July 12, 2011
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Everyone has a different idea about what characteristics are most important depending upon circumstances and personal experience. Some may say it is their sunny nature, or their ability to remain calm or to laugh at themselves. Others would say it is their perseverance or tenacity. Self belief and confidence are frequently thought of as ones greatest strength.

This is actually a great question to ask a person. It has enormous scope and should instigate a conversation which could last for hours. The way in which it is answered will also tell you a lot about that other person. Their answer may in fact be completely different from that which you might have secretly expected.

There is of course no prescribed perfect answer; it is completely one's own opinion which counts. You could argue for days about whether a good sense of humor is more important than perseverance, confidence more important than calmness, and so on.

A further question which could prove to be interesting would be to ask what a person's greatest weakness is and why this is the case. The majority of people will admit to having weaknesses; they know that they could be better at such and such, or they wish that they were stronger in a certain way. At that point I always find myself wanting to ask what they could do to change that; how could they become stronger in that area?

You see, most people accept their weaknesses as part of them; it is just how they are. They don't actually get to the point of thinking that they could change or considering ways in which they could grow stronger. You see examples of this in many of life's arenas. People often put up with mediocrity because they do not know that they can grow and change.

No matter what your strengths or weaknesses are you always have the ability to change, so long as you think that you can. For me, I think that one of the greatest strengths which we should all strive for is the desire to be the best that you can be together with the mental adaptability to chase that dream.

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