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  • Author Dane Hindsmarsh
  • Published July 16, 2011
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Are you in the position where you are looking for a career in finance or accountancy? There are a number of steps you can take to increase your chances of finding employment within these popular industries. The greatest thing about working in the accountancy / finance field is probably the salary followed closely by other rewards. The pay might not be the reason you're getting in to in to accountancy or finance sectors but it certainly is a positive incentive and motivator to get involved.

Many people would consider an accountant to be someone who spends most of the day surrounded by files and paperwork, anyone who works with an accountant or knows an accountant will know this to be partially true - it is especially the case during taxation deadlines et cetera. Accountants do spend a lot of time number crunching behind a desk (so do most office based professions).

Accountancy and finance departments are amongst the most senior sections (if not the most important department after the directors) within the cooperate structure. In a business it is literally impossible for anyone to perform without some form of accountant controlling the money for the business.

Performing well within any job will provide benefits such as additional training and education and within finance this is no exception. With additional training comes the possibility of a raised salary more responsibility and promotion. It is especially important to ensure you have relevant qualification for working within this sector such as honours and master's degrees in accountancy, bookkeeping and finance subjects though it has been known for accountancies to take on interims after finishing higher education (A Levels) and providing training in this way.

There are plenty of accountant jobs out there, just be sure to check the specialism, ensure that it is one for you. First off make sure you want to work within finance and accountancy, look for education opportunities as well as interim vacancies. If you decide to follow the de facto route of college education and University education you may want to choose a specialism afterwards in the form of post graduate study. Accountants will find themselves eligible for some of the most desirable positions including banking, insurance, real estate, bookkeeping, payroll and many more.

When searching for a University, be sure to find the best University for accountancy and the specialism or niche you want to work within, the U C A S service can help you to find prospective institutions for your study and the Guardian newspaper annually publish a list of the best Universities in the country to help you with the heavy decision.

While there are a lot of accountancy jobs out there, I thought I would mention that the competition can be intense; especially given the economic conditions were facing at the moment. Don't let that put you off though; everyone in business needs an accountant, it could be you!

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