Why choosing career is significant for single mom?


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  • Published July 20, 2011
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As a single mother, do you really want where you are in your professional life today? Do you think it is time for you to have a new job or invest your energy in learning new skill at your current job? You may start by choosing your career path. Career planning is important for everyone, but especially for single mothers because they generally have more twists and turns to negotiate along the road to career success than do men.

Choosing a career is an involved process that is based on a number of things, including your interests, skills, work-related values and personality. You might want to meet with a career counsellor or career development facilitator to get career help. There are also free online resources that will provide you career tips like be willing to ask for help, being able to take charge, knowing the boss, cultivating good relationships, knowing when to go, thinking like your employer, behaving professionally and being flexible.

If you think you're ready for a career change, or at least a career shift you may seek career advice that best suits you. When you have narrowed down your choices to just a few, then you should investigate even further, perhaps conducting some informational interviews with those working in the field with the help of changing career advice. You can now make an educated decision about what career to pursue.

If you are starting out with your career, you need to work very hard and round the clock to achieve something in your career. Career advice for women usually composed of ways on making a good career choice. It is important to achieve job satisfaction, but however seeing the trend in jobs and going by the inflation rate, it makes sense to do some research before looking out for suitable career opportunities. Now is the big question, what are the good jobs for women?

What actually constitutes the good jobs for women ultimately depends upon the needs of the individual woman. For some, high pay is the ultimate differentiator while for others; it may be the flexibility to set their own hours, work from home, or the existence of on-site day care. Women are represented in the workforce in greater numbers than ever and holding a higher percentage of managerial and executive jobs than in the past. Women-owned businesses have doubled in the last dozen or so years.

You can find more information online about finding the best jobs for single mom like you. Decide where you want to be five, 10, and 15 years from now. Build flexibility into your career plans to allow for changing circumstances. Your plan may need to change to accommodate those life changes, but your core plans with better equip you when that happens. When the right job comes along, you'll be confident that it's the one for you.

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