Will PTU distance MBA Help In My Career Growth?


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  • Published July 20, 2011
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The MBA programs of the Punjab Technical University or PTU provide executives, students and homemakers outstanding education to gain the knowledge and skills in today’s competitive world. PTU distance MBA is a popular choice for all those pursuing a career in business administration.

Reasons For Doing PTU distance MBA:

It is quite right to think that doing a MBA by distance offers you the advantage of getting a valuable qualification, even though you are at a disadvantage as far as infrastructure, finance and personnel resources are concerned. This MBA of a reputed university like the Punjab Technical University has various advantages that makes it a popular choice among one and all.

It is worth considering the following advantages of doing an executive MBA by distance:

PTU distance MBA has turned very popular among executives, students and homemakers because they have been able to mold the career of many. It has been well realized that the Punjab Technical University MBA by distance has been able to promote knowledge and skills that are essential to meet the demands of business administration in the competitive world today. This is evidenced by the number of professionals that have been able to be placed in high positions in multinational companies.

The value of executive MBA programs that are done by correspondence in PTU arises out of the varied specialization that they offer for a management program or MBA by distance. They include specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology, Retail Management and Insurance and Risk Management. This proves to be an advantage as most of these specializations are greatly in demand in trade and industry. So it is common to see big MNC companies and fortune 500’s hire a lot of people in these specialties. The wide choice helps students and working executives to choose an MBA by distance in the specialty they are interested or already engaged in.

The success of failure of any course to deliver good results lies on the quality of course material. executive MBA places very high importance on the quality of the study material supplied; they are apt to help those pursuing MBA by distance to adapt to the changing circumstances of the industrial world. This executive MBA helps aspirants to know well about the current industrial trends. It is true that high class professionals that have in-depth knowledge about market and industrial trends frame the curriculum.

Getting fruitful placement after doing prestigious MBA by distance depends on getting through group discussions and face to face interview that is well met with certain distance learning centers conducting personality sessions to develop the expertise and aptitude for different specializations of business administration. Students and executives are considerably helped to gain confidence regarding their interview and communication skills. This is sure to give PTU distance MBA holders to have a competitive edge at the workplace.

PTU distance MBA has taken the place of ensuring a MBA by distance. This is sure to prove as a good executive MBA to bridge the gap between skills and qualifications that stand in the way of many executives to climb up the executive ladder.

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