Is Graduate Recruitment Really Worth It?


  • Author David Khan
  • Published July 21, 2011
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Some companies and employers continue to exploit graduates by introducing them to their business for little or no salary at all. Other businesses may not have considered graduate recruitment as a serious option for their business. There is a lot of mixed emotion around different businesses about graduates and graduate recruitment as a way of moving the business forward.

Companies that are all for graduate recruitment often target students who are still at university and studying for a related degree. They usually bring them in as unpaid interns and show them the basic elements of the business. The often set them related tasks to see how they cope with fitting in amongst the other staff or working as an individual.

Companies that are sceptical about graduate recruitment believe that investing money into graduate recruitment may be unjustified as the graduate may have little or no jobs skills necessary for the job role. In some instances graduates have been denied a job because they are deemed over qualified for a role they are interested in.

All in all there are more positives than negatives when it comes to graduate recruitment. We all fully understand that employing individuals with experience is vital to a lot of companies however; they may also come with various bad habits that can annoy or slow down their work rate. When you recruit graduates into your company you are basically getting an individual who has no baggage or habits. Everything that you will be teaching them will be took on board and often they will be moulded into the workforce the way you want them to be. Graduates are often intelligent and quick learners, with a desire to impress. They can bring about new ideas and really inject some life into the business. Graduates often come with advanced verbal and written communication skills, university studies often enable them to build on these.

Graduate recruitment also means that you are gaining a new employee that is likely to be intelligent and a quick learner who can use their own initiative, prioritise their own workload and will have highly developed written and verbal communication skills, all developed through their university studies.

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