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  • Published August 3, 2011
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Your job interview is the starting point in an entirely new career for you. Getting the job is first and foremost on your mind and you want to be well prepared for the interview process.

During any job interview, the interviewer or personnel department representative will ask questions that are pertinent to the job position that you're applying for. Some questions are typical of nearly every interview. Being slightly prepared for those questions, knowing what you're going to answer will help you to be more prepared for the questions and how you're going to answer them.

Many people consider it cheating somehow to rehearse for a job interview. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you were going to run a marathon or enter into a sporting event, you would train for that event. Training yourself to be ready to answer question, to lower your nervousness about the job interview, and to speak clearly and distinctly as you respond will be one way that you can make a good impression.

Having a great interview experience means preparing yourself, just as you might for any other important event. Several questions are typical of the job interview experience and you can expect that they will be asked at your own interview as well.

Among the questions that you might expect to be asked, in wording of some variety or other, will be the following:

*Why would you like to work for our company?

  • Do you have any issues that may prevent you from doing your best for us?

*What type of personality do you believe that you are?

*Are you willing to work weekends, holidays, or over time if you are given some advance notice?

*What kind of problems or issues did you have in your last job, and why did you leave, or why are you seeking to leave your job?

*What problems, if any, do you envision taking place in this job?

*Do you feel that it is ever appropriate to disobey your employer?

*Do you drink? Have you ever been under the influence of alcohol or drugs on any level at your job?

You will need to answer each of the questions as truthfully and as accurately as you possibly can in order to give the best impression to your prospective employer.

When you respond to their questions, speak clearly and distinctly and look them directly in the eye. This gives the impression that you don't mind answering the question and are willing to be forthright in your responses.

Never look away from the person to whom you are speaking, allow your eyes to wander around the room or become self conscious. This gives the impression that you are not being honest in your answers, even if you are.

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