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  • Published August 9, 2011
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Sales representative jobs are much in demand these days. Since it is such a popular profession, there are lots of myths regarding sales representative jobs. Take a look at some of the myths related to sales representative jobs:

• Sales representatives are dumb students: many people have the opinion that sales representatives have a poor academic background. Some companies do not lay much emphasis on academic grades while recruiting sales representatives. But this is not a general trend, meaning, all the companies do not ignore academic scores. The principal behind why some companies do not lay much stress on school grades is that these grades are given on written examinations. However, in sales jobs oral communication is much more important than written examinations. Nevertheless, an overall good academic score is required to do well in any type of job and more importantly to get into a good company.

• People wonder whether medical sales jobs are hot and glamorous: people are under a lot of illusion when it comes to medical representative jobs. They think that the job is more or less about dressing up smart, lunching with doctors, socializing with a lot of high profile people involved in medical profession. But there is a bitter side to this profession as well. There are the FDC rules and regulations that stop you from meeting doctors and taking them for lunches, doctors are too busy so they turn you down. It is glamorous compared to the other jobs in sales. But the job of a sales representative involves a lot of hard work. You have to be well familiar with a lot of things. You must know what products doctors are looking for. You must possess good knowledge of the market etc.

• People wonder that if the job is so strenuous then why people claim that they enjoy being a medical representative.

This job is involves a lot of challenge. But it is rewarding too, if well accomplished. The medical representatives are also responsible for the well being of the patient. They are not directly responsible for this but indirectly responsible for it. For example, they supply the doctors with all the latest equipments. The doctors treat the patients with them. This is how the medical representatives benefit patients. This is what gives them a sense of reward. Unlike many other jobs, this job is much more secure. It is not affected by recessions. Health care is required by everyone at anytime. So this profession is more secure than several other professions.

• So in a way it is true that even though these jobs are hectic, they make good career choices.

Sales representative jobs are very popular jobs. Many people are taking to these jobs. Since there is a lot of inquisitiveness related to these jobs, people assume many things. This gives rise to myths. These myths can be abolished with the help of proper knowledge and understanding of the profession.

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