Emergence Of Social Work And Social Work At Present


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  • Published August 9, 2011
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Social work is all about helping disadvantaged communities, families, groups, and individuals, this help is provided to the people by creating such conditions which boost the social functioning, and put a stop on breakdowns. Social work is actually a profession in which social workers help disadvantaged people to adopt the values and norms of the society by reshaping or modifying the salient features of the social system.

It emerged as a profession because of the initial efforts of philanthropic groups, and churches to eliminate poverty, to provide religious comforts to the poor, promote self-control, improve economy, to take care of children, and aged ones, and to correct the criminals. Due to the emergence of this profession, several orphanages and home for elder people came into existence, whose aim was to ease out or provide comfort to the disadvantaged. Aid is provided to the deserving families, groups, and individuals in order to restore their lives for themselves and for community in this charitable profession.

Group of people or individuals involved in this profession are expected to help people by reshaping or modifying the social conditions of people and for this, they acquire a specialized training. The training not only enhances the social competence, but also guides the workers to assist people in adjusting the badly effected social and economic life because of family conflicts, personal conflicts, social disorganization, illness, and poverty. Workers not only formulate the social welfare strategies, but also conduct several preventive programs according to the need of hour.

At present, social work is conducted with three methods, which are:

  1. Case Work

  2. Group Work

  3. Community Organization

In case work method, a specific individual is assisted, who is needy, physically, or mentally unfit, or is socially handicapped. Socially handicapped are those who are homeless, unemployed, alcohol addict, drug addicted, or suffering from broken family. Social workers first understand the psychology and sociology of the individuals, and then get their problems diagnosed with the help of physicians, or psychiatrists and provide the solution accordingly.

Group work method is represented by social settlements, gymnasiums, playgrounds, and classrooms where handicrafts are taught. The socially handicapped members of community are usually called at such places for conducting some productive activities. For this purpose, help and services of volunteers are availed for conducting poverty projects for disadvantaged people.

Whereas community organizations promote welfare work with the help and support of private as well as public agencies by raising and administrating funds for disadvantaged communities.

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