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  • Published August 15, 2011
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There are various duties of a nursing assistant. All these duties or responsibilities need certain factors in a person to accomplish them. Commitment, alertness and zeal are some of the essential factors without which you cannot become a nursing assistant. The job of a nursing assistant is very hectic and tiresome and if you are not committed to your work and society, you cannot become a good nursing assistant. Well, if you think you have all this in you, then it is the time to know about various tasks which you have to perform as a nursing assistant.

A nursing assistant has to give personal attention to every patient. It is your responsibility as a nursing assistant to take care of the cleanliness and comfort of the patients. Also, you have to prepare the patients for any medical or surgical procedure. The medication and food for every patient are the responsibility of a nursing assistant which cannot be ignored at anytime. A nursing assistant can be asked to observe the behavior, physical health or emotional changes in a patient so that the information could provide any help in diagnosis.

There are thousand of hospitals and every hospital needs nursing assistants to help the medical staff. Apart from hospitals, there are various other opportunities for you to work as a nursing assistant. Various schools and colleges also need nursing assistants so that emergency medical help can be provided to a student, if required at any time. This can be a permanent position for a nursing assistant as every educational institution would like to take such precautionary measures. Other than these options, you can also work in old age homes or orphanages where nursing assistants are needed for permanent posts. It is essential for these organizations to have these attendants so that proper care could be taken for the people residing there. in some cases, you can also get a job as personal caretaker for any patient. Most of the times, these jobs are given for those people who cannot take care of themselves. This includes the sick people who are advised to take rest at their homes only. Also, some families like to have nursing assistant for special kids who cannot take care of themselves. It is then, the duty of a nursing assistant to take care of the food, medicine and other requirements of the patient.

Although, there are particular timings for a nursing assistant which are called job hours, but in some emergency cases they may be called any time. This is due to their association with the medical units and the patients. In case, you are working as a private caretaker, you may be asked to stay in the service quarter of the home only so that you may be available at any time. overall, this is a honorable job which needs commitment and care for the patients.

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