Wedding day should be a Holiday


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  • Published September 6, 2011
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Every woman dreams about her wedding day. Love and devotion, husband, home and the family could be the natural goals of all the young women. That is why the wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day for the bride, where she is blessed and loved.

Bride can either take care of every detail on her own, or she could hire various professionals to help her with the event preparations, such as choosing the venue and menu, music and decorations. But that should be a local business. For instance, Chicago bride should only look for a local professional for Chicago wedding video, to hire him for wedding videography. Looks of the bride is surely of the utmost importance, so this should be addressed in a timely manner. Finally, few days before her special day, she should do a total make up test, in order to see if her look is what she wants, with the various shades of makeup. It is surely essential that the cosmetic matches the look and feel, regarding the total design of her appearance. Things need not to be so complicated, while makeup will be important. To make things easy, the bride should have an adequate pouch where she can keep all the cosmetic essentials. That little cosmetic pouch is always very handy; especially on the special day itself, where any bridesmaid or hired assistant can maintain her good looks, doing the touch ups if needed. The blusher and waterproof makeup such as eye liner are the inevitable for special days.

Further to that, the bride should always make sure that her face and figure she are very well taken good care of. The special day sometimes arrives so quickly, and by then her skin should be perfect. This could be attained by the use of mineral rich toners, moisturizers adequate to her skin type, and gentle facial scrub if needed. Brides should be getting enough rest and consuming only fresh, healthy diet so that they look brilliant, fresh and energetic on their special day.

It is smart not to be abrupt when choosing the bridal attire. Brides should take into consideration their height, figure, and weight when choosing the bridal dresses. The gown should be attractive, like made for the bride. Furthermore, it should reflect the theme of the special day. There are various selections of designs acceptable and desirable, so brides should take their time carefully while choosing the perfect one which will make them look unique and great on their special day.

It is normal that during wedding ceremony and the reception focus of all the guests be the bride and groom. Bride will be at the center of attention of all the guests and hopefully her groom. Many looks will end up at their dressing, all the adornments they are wearing, and how good they look together.

Wedding day is to be prepared adequately, carefully, with lot of care and passion. Also, it takes putting in sufficient efforts, in order to remain what it supposed to be: a Holiday to the bride, groom, their families, friends and all the guests.

Connor R. Sullivan has an intern at the office who recently got married. She hired an established wedding videography professional for her wedding. She was delighted with her Chicago wedding video as a final product.

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