Practical Advice For The Bride For Her Special Day


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  • Published September 8, 2011
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Brides have a lot of things to think about when preparing for the special day. She has to think of everything to make her look the most beautiful as all eyes will be on her. It is obvious that during marriages, all visitors checkout the bride and groom to see how they have dressed, how good they look, and all the adornments they are wearing and so on. For the special day, the bride just has to focus on herself as all the work such as hiring Chicago wedding photographer, taking care of the Chicago wedding videography, catering and planning will be taken care of by the family. There are a number of tips which brides can use for their special day so that they look truly gorgeous on their special day.

The special day is believed to be an enjoyable day for the bride where she is relaxed and happy. She can either appoint an assistant to help her with the preparation such as choosing the outfit or she can do all the preparation by herself. Cosmetic will be essential and to make things easy, the bride can have a make up pouch where she can keep all the necessary things. Few days before the special day, she can do a total make up test to see how she will look with the various shades. It is quite essential that the make up matches the color and the style of the attire. The make up pouch can be very handy even on the special day itself, where a close friend or an assistant can do the touch ups and maintain her good looks. Waterproof cosmetics such as eye liner and blusher are the best to apply for special days.

It is essential not to be hasty with the bridal attire. Brides should acknowledge their figure, weight, and height when ordering bridal dresses. The dress should be made to a suitable length and it needs to be easy for the bride to wear. Furthermore, it should suit the theme of the special day. There are a huge selection of styles available and brides should take their time in choosing the best one which will make them look gorgeous on their special day.

When the bridal dress is selected, it is time to pick a lovely pair of shoes which will suit the dress completely. The color and pattern should complement the dress and it is important for the bride to ensure that the shoes will not make her look too tall is she already quite high in stature. For tall brides, it is recommended to wear flats.

Furthermore, the bride should also ensure that she is taking good care of her face and figure. By the time the special day comes, her skin should be perfect and this can be achieved by using good toners, facial scrub and moisturizers. Brides should also ensure that they are getting enough sleep and are eating well balanced diet so that they look young and full of life on their special day.

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