Santa Barbara Weddings, There Are Over 2000 A Year! Santa Barbara Is Unsurpassed As A Wedding Destination.


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A 360-degree panorama of mountains and ocean dotted by Spanish Colonial architecture makes a stunning backdrop for any wedding in Santa

Barbara also known as the American Riviera.

Wedding Trends and Traditions tv chose the American Riviera as one of Southern CA best wedding locations. World class amenities are enveloped by unsurpassed natural beauty with the steeply raised Santa Yanez Mountains to the east and the sparkle of Pacific Ocean to the West. Beautiful and breathtaking, American Riviera exceeds expectations as a romantic location for your wedding day. A Santa Barbara wedding can have as its backdrop several possibilities from whites sand shores and lush gardens to historical buildings and sunset covered yachts. Guest can be suffused with the soothing sound of ocean tides or the chirps of blue jays and robins, the region is a jewel.

American Riviera is inviting and warm to guest yet not overrun with tourist clicking endlessly with their new digital cameras. Santa Barbara wedding locations are everywhere it is a wonderful city to host your wedding and romantic anniversary celebrations. Passions are catered to in this the region of wine, orchids and arts.

The city has several gateways for your wedding guest to arrive. Santa Barbara can boast of:

  • An airport

  • Cruise ship docking

  • Amtrak

  • Greyhound

  • An efficient MTD Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District

  • Electric shuttles to ferry your wedding guest to and from the shopping, dining and entertainment district and to the wharf

  • US route 101 bisecting the city

  • Shuttle service to and from LAX

  • Over 30 Limousine services

Getting family and guest into and around the city will not be a problem.

Since 1936 when United Airlines first initiated service, the region has had working air service. 6 major carries currently fly into the airport and seven cruise ships are proposed to visit Santa Barbara in 2011. Trains, buses and cars deliver thousands of Santa Barbara wedding attendees each year.

The region has activities and attractions to entertain even the most distinguished or adrenaline driven desires. From sailing and surfing to polo and Pinot tastings, Santa Barbara wedding locations will pique the passions of any couple. Though a small city, American Riviera has big city entertainment and culture. Live music emanates from historic buildings including the famous Bowl. 12 museums can keep busy even the ardent art lovers of the wedding party, they also make a unique Santa Barbara wedding venue. If activity is more your speed, there’s wine tasting, walking tours, hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, golfing, paragliding and much more. If shopping is your idea of activity, The American Riviera can be a fantastic fashion foray. A Santa Barbara wedding is an ideal location destination it will entertain your wedding guest and you.

The American Riviera has flown under the radar nationally and internationally however the city has been viewed as a jewel by the rich and famous since the 1920’s to present. Oprah Winfrey purchased a home within the community in 2001. Santa Barbara seems synonymous with affluence and grandeur a well-earned reputation. Refined yet warm, Santa Barbara has veterans at producing all types of events, from

celebrity events to intimate get-togethers. Dedicated professionals will help you make the most of your budget. For decades Santa Barbara has hosted everything from Royalty and Presidents to the most lavish charity events to barefooted couples marrying at sunset. Weddings in Santa Barbara have great local service available.

Triple-arched breezeways are common in a city known for its Spanish Colonial architecture. Strict building ordinances have prevented developers from ruining the city’s charming views. You will not find large towering hotels or heavily congested sidewalks and streets full of tourist on Cabrillo Blvd. Accommodations are plentiful but not densely packed together and can serve varying budgets. From the

five star sophistication of the Biltmore to the friendliness of the local lodge, the city is welcome to all. Once the sun sets, garden lights lend a romantic luster to the idyllic setting throughout the lodging and entertainment district. Suites daily rates range between $400-$750 while room rates range between $70-$250.

Santa Barbara is wine country, do you know why? It is beautiful and breathtaking but that’s not the reason. It’s the climate. The weather in Santa Barbara surpasses expectations as a reason to hold an outdoor wedding there. You'll be captivated by the magnificent views throughout the region. The warmth of the sun will bathe most any venue you chose in Santa Barbara because the sunshine 300 days a year. The average day in Santa Barbara is 74 degrees. Very little rain will fall in Santa Barbara; I can’t say that about Hawaii!

Location, location, location Santa Barbara has various options available to serve as host for your wedding. So varied are the choices you will have to take care not to overlook an amazing venue. There are estates, villas, ranches, vineyards, hotels, historical sites, chapel, churches, yachts, gardens and beaches. Santa Barbara wedding venue are happy to discuss wedding options with those planning a Santa Barbara wedding.

Select from one of the eight wedding venue categories listed on or chose one of the many other options available and you will be in a uniquely enchanting and simply unforgettable place to celebrate your new life together.

Get it all on the American Riviera, sun framed Santa Yanez mountains in the morning and a sunset over the Pacific Ocean in the evening, postcard-perfect. The best part, 300 days of sunshine each year, a friendly and welcoming community. "If restaurants are a measure of sophistication, Santa Barbarians are an intimidating lot. This city has great restaurants the way Kansas has corn. Among the ahi tuna, the seared scallops and the Pacific salmon, the wine lists make fascinating reading. Many of the best wines are made within a 50-mile radius." Stanley Stewart, Sunday Times UK

A Santa Barbara wedding will be wonderful for the couple and their guest.

Mash Reed is a freelance writer and contributes to and the television program Wedding Trends and Traditions.

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