Staying Happy In Difficult Times


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  • Published September 17, 2011
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There are times in life that it’s not always easy to remain positive and maintain a smile on our face, especially in these tough economic times. The stress of everyday challenges that seem to be ongoing with no end in sight can often be overwhelming. This can in turn lead to negative thinking and a high possibility of depression.

It’s in these difficult times that it’s important to search for the positives and remind ourselves of what is right in our world. We all have setbacks but this should not change who we are and how we relate to one another.

By paring down to the emotional basics and following the principles of simple living, you can minimize the negative feelings and gain strength by making the choice to be happier.

Simple Living

Don’t take life too seriously. If there are situations that are beyond your control, then learn to let these go. As long as you are doing the best we can the situation you are in then you are doing something positive.

Find the silver lining. If you have lost your job, perhaps this is the right time to think about shifting to a new career, starting your own business or even going back to school. If there was ever a time to re evaluate your career path, it’s when you become unexpectedly unemployed. Take the time to find out what you could be doing to make your life better.

Learn to laugh and appreciate the lighter things in life. Learn from your mistakes and laugh at yourself.... often. By focusing on the positive outcomes from a negative situation, you can begin to shift your perspective.

Find the time to engage in fun activities. It can be a hobby, a new exercise routine to starting a date night with your friends or significant other. Changing your routine is the quickest way to lighten your mood.

Lean on someone you trust. Sometimes, just verbalizing your fears and frustrations out loud releases pent up negative emotions and you are able to see the bigger picture more clearly.

Read or listen to uplifting materials to boost your spirits and your levels of self worth. When you hear of others overcoming obstacles, your path may seem not as difficult as you had originally thought.

Keep it Real

Help others. If you have time on your hands, then volunteer in a place where you can make a difference. Deliver meals to shut ins, or help out at your local animal shelter. There is always a need for volunteers and by helping others, you help yourself become more focused on what is really important in your life.

Surround yourself with positive people. By minimizing your interactions with critical people you can put the brakes on being an audience for negativity.

Learn to forgive. Forgive your employers, your family or your friends for the injustices you have experienced. There are always reasons behind every situation and by forgiving the actions you can move forward without the burden of excessive anger.

Forgive yourself. No matter what has transpired learn from it and let it go. Reliving and rehashing a situation is always hurtful and never helpful.

Ultimately being happy is a choice. Life is too far short to live with regrets, worry over past mistakes and focus too intently on our own misfortunes. By making the choice to think and act positively, we can make a difference in how we react to life's roadblocks and keep our happiness within easy reach.

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