Who Are Professional Social Workers Today


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  • Published September 17, 2011
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Social workers are the people who help the needy on a larger scale. The issues they handle are health issues, financial issues of the poor, abuse cases, and many more. Social workers also play a vital role in handling education issues of those children, who do not have enough resources to spend on education.

Interesting facts about social workers

According to statistics, the total number of jobs assigned to social workers is more than 595,000. This means that there is an ample space of job opportunities in social work. But most of the opportunities require a Master's degree, which is a compulsory requirement to become a social worker.

The areas they can get appointed depends upon the situation of the area, if the area is affected by a natural disaster, then a team is made and is categorically assigned different tasks. Social workers in that case can be appointed in areas like government offices, hospital, schools, different non profitable agencies and mental health clinical areas. Here they can go and put their services to the best use they can.

Responsibility of social workers

The foremost responsibility of such workers is to study by the problems of human beings, by understanding them through different theories. These theories are proved and ethically in law, to bring a positive change in a person's life. When one is successful in bringing a positive change in an individual, then with this one single act can change societies as well. Improvement in societies is the biggest success for these social workers, and indeed for such organizations. There is an option of specializing in a particular field which they can master themselves and then work for humanity. The employees can specialize in life threatening issues or become first aid providers, they may move forward in children specialization, or in overcoming addiction issues like narcotics etc.

Social workers are a sign of hope for all the remedies

These workers are experts in their field, so they are the ones who can guide us in the best way. They educate the people on a massive level, and encourage them learn new and healthy skills that can save them from incurable and harmful disease. They act as your advocates. They are best in giving counseling to those who need it. They also protect defenseless consumers and make sure that their best interests are provided to them.

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