The Different Types Of Social Work Jobs


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  • Published September 17, 2011
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Social work is a profession, which focuses upon improving people's lives and helps them adjust to the changing environment. Social work can be further divided into various fields, and most social workers specialize in a particular area.

Social work can cover a wide range of careers. Whatever field you choose in social working, your job will only be centered on helping people in their different phases of life. Most social workers would be required to have a college degree, while others would need to have a license. A bachelor's degree is usually the standard minimum degree of social work jobs, but some may even choose to get their master's degree.

This type of career may not be for everyone, as for a social work job, one has to have a helping nature. Also, in social work jobs you may see things that can be very upsetting or disturbing, and not everyone would follow to choose this path.

There can be many different kinds of social work job available for you. You can concentrate on any specialized area of work. You may choose to be a child and family social worker. In this field, you specialize in assisting affected families with things like getting off welfare, continuing their education or finding suitable jobs to start earning a living. You may even help separated families, and provide foster care to neglected siblings. There are a number of responsibilities that a family social worker may have. You may even opt to work in a school, where you can hold tutoring sessions to help students with their education, or even just be there to listen to a troubled child.

Social workers may also find jobs in the medical field helping patients suffering from abuse. People with chemical dependencies may particularly seek help from a social worker to help get them back on their feet. Working as a youth dug counselor, can be a great way to help young adults get rid of drugs and alcohol. Social workers are in great demand, especially to help elderly people receive proper care.

However, you need to bear in mind the fact that social workers may often be called for emergencies. They may have to work overtime, more than their regular 40 hour work week. Not every social working job requires qualifications; it just needs you to help people in need.

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