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  • Author Susan Mathers
  • Published September 17, 2011
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Social work is one of the most ancient and established fields of the world. The idea of helping people in need has been at the core of the human race since times immemorial. Social work does not only emphasize on the physical well being of individuals, but also on mental and spiritual well being.

Social workers are active stimulants of change. Changes related to the lifestyle of individuals, their upbringing and also their way of living. But these changes are essentially for the better so that every individual no matter which race, religion or creed, has equal chances of living up to a certain standard. This field helps societies in coping with inequity, injustice as well as natural disasters and emergencies. Apart from that it also helps in solving personal and social problems of different nature.

If we look around the world, we will witness social welfare organizations doing different sorts of relief and rehabilitation work. The war torn countries, whether suffering from internal conflicts or external conflicts, around the world seek humanitarian assistance from these organizations. These organizations also play a key role in relief and rehabilitation of the population in times of natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood and famine.

On the other hand, other societal problems such as poverty, education, clean drinking water, sanitation, food, nutrition, health etc are also keenly addressed by social welfare organizations. Then there are some other organizations that strive towards maintaining justice, equality, adolescent mental health, mobilization of individuals, child abuse, women rights etc. Thus, in totality, these social welfare organizations work wherever there are barriers to the prosperity of the human race.

It is another question as to whether or not these organizations are productive or not, but they sure are doing a worthwhile job. The judgment of their productivity can be tricky, because they are doing something that otherwise need to be done by the government. And their contribution whether big or small has a value, because they are at least making a difference in the lives of some individuals.

It is indeed a noble job that requires not only skills and education, but also a level of passion to serve the human race. The concept of social work has been there for ages. However, the modern times have brought a change in the approach of this field; it is now more systematic and more organized.

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