Social Work – A Way To Help The Have-Nots


  • Author Susan Withers
  • Published September 17, 2011
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Social work is one of the most emerging fields in the world that aims at establishing social equity, social change, social justice as well as improvement in quality of life. Social work has been a known phenomenon since time immemorial. Whenever there has been a natural disaster, a war or any other calamity that harms the masses in one way or another, social workers have played a vital role in immediate relief and rehabilitation of the affected people.

Social workers do what government institutions are not able to do. Usually underdeveloped countries do not have enough resources to take care of all their citizens, so social workers play an important role in helping individuals and the community at large in their capacity building as well as economic uplift.

Social work could be an individual initiative or could be an organizational initiative. On an individual level, social workers with or without affiliations with welfare organizations, help mankind in different ways. It could be related to generating funds, taking care of the old or disabled, providing counseling, collections for clothes/food or other essentials as donations etc.

On the other hand, at an organizational level, there are hundreds of registered welfare organizations that are working for the benefit of humanity. These organizations usually follow a basic setup, where they get donations from different individuals or donor organizations, and then execute different social welfare projects. As these welfare organizations work in areas such as education, human rights advocacy, community organizing, clinical social work, safe water and sanitation, women and child rights etc the scope of their operations is vast and widespread. The best thing about most of these welfare organizations is that they work usually for the underdeveloped and underprivileged nations, who need their most help. War torn or disaster hit countries receive the most of their workings.

Social work is a very noble profession. In fact every individual must and should try to do something for humanity according to his/her capacity. In this way there will be less needy people around us. This spirit is based on the concept of sharing with the less privileged members of society. This can mean sharing a part of your income, food or even your clothes with the have-nots; you may have things that might be of no value to you, but, they might be of value to others.

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