Social Work Means Social Change


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  • Published September 17, 2011
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For every action there is a reaction, so for every positive deed you get a fruitful result. Social work is all about protective measures taken, to take care of humanity in the best way. It is more than a practical job; it is a full time 24 hour job. Social work brings a huge change at individual and at community level. It is necessary for social workers to be creative, informative and understanding at all levels.

Origination of social work search

Social online service has been providing a number of services that are free of cost for all. It originated in 1996. Records have shown that is one of the largest and widely used, online database system for social services.

Social workers work for companies

U.S Department is the main branch that is authorized to allocate employees their field of work. By law, out of every 10 workers employed in any social organization, 3-4 are allocated a health care field and social assistance field of work. While out of every ten social workers three are attached with government agencies.

Types of patrons

Charitable patrons

People who intentionally look for help and aid from the social workers.

Involuntary patrons

People who have to accept the services because of a legal instruction should be, prisoners on parole, or care needing children.

The task of the Social Worker

In everyday jobs, the social worker should have the skills in various areas. The task assigned should be dealt with skillfully and effectively. The task should be completed with accordance to the client.

The social worker might have to work in a specified role; roles may differ depending on the demand of the task and should be the solution.

Rapid increase in social work

By 1991, there were 61,135 social workers enlisted according to the census taken by Canada. The profession has been acknowledged, and a rapid growth has been seen in the few past years. The women's work within the home, and then into the social area was the initiation of this profession. The pay for all social workers in 1993 was $ 21,000 to $ 53,000 and approximately $ 34,900 was considered average.

Entry criteria

Any social organization can accept a Bachelor's degree holder but a person with a master degree is given preference. And masters are what they call a standard requirement for being a proper social worker.

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