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  • Published September 17, 2011
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You can experience eternal satisfaction after helping others. Social activities have many benefits of helping others, and giving satisfaction at the same time. However, these activities are rewarding as well as demanding. They require time, effort and resources to solve the problems of the needy. Selecting social work as a profession is a good choice, if, you love to help others and want to play your role in maintaining a balance in society. So, if you are willing to help others by participating in social activities, you can definitely become a good social worker.

Education is very important to adopt a profession so that you can better understand the technicalities and requirements. Similarly, in order to choose social work as your profession, you will require proper education and training. This profession can be chosen after getting a bachelors degree. Also it is necessary to get yourself registered with the Council on Social Work Education for proper and systematic training and education. At present there are 439 various programs offered by the council to help you to get an understanding of all the basics of social activities. Experienced teachers and experts will guide you to understand all the fundamentals and basics.

There are many options of getting the education to become a social worker. You can check out the courses in your nearby university; if it does not offer experience in the relevant field, then you can select a paid internship associated with social organizations. These trainings will help you to link with other people who are involved in social activities and organizations, and learn how to interact with needy people. You can also choose different positions with more responsibility, including management options. In this case you must plan to get a master's degree. But you must ensure that the master's degree is recognized by Council on Social Work Education. A master's degree requires field work and experience.

After you have got proper education and the degrees, you need to get a license to start your work as a career. You can contact the state board for obtaining the specs. In other words, you are bound to work under the supervision of a licensed organization or individual, for 2 years before appearing for your licensing exam. So, keep in mind your goals and aims and serve the needy people in the best possible way.

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