Moral Values Of A Social Worker


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  • Published September 17, 2011
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A social worker is the person who helps others in their everyday lives in various ways. There are different fields of life that can come together to assist people to overcome their problems. The services of a social worker might include helping patients, working for government agencies and doing research work. It is necessary for all those people who are involved in social activities, to follow a defined code of conduct. In this way all the individuals, government agencies and private organizations are bound to define their code of conduct for their employees, and make them follow the code of conduct. The National Association of Social Workers has also defined a general code of conduct for all organizations, agencies and individuals.

The most important moral value that every social worker needs to strictly follow is the service. It requires that you must aim to offer your best social services to help other people. You must try to offer your services to other people without charging any money. The second essential moral value is the insurance of social justice. It means that you need to spread awareness of various justice issues such as poverty, inequality and unemployment conditions.

You must have knowledge of that fact that all human beings are equal, and they should be treated for getting a better life. All human relationships are precious, and need to be realized by the person who is involved in social activities. You are required to help others to maintain their relationships. You should perform your job with full devotion and without any greed of earning money.

Apart from the organizations, workers are also required to follow the moral values. They need to be capable enough to work in a challenging environment, with commitment and hard work. They must provide the social services to the deserving person, after getting their permission.

All the assistance and help that you are going to provide to the other person must be kept confidential. The details and the problems of the client should not be disclosed to anyone else. The information cannot be disclosed without the permission of the client. These things are important to keep in mind, in order to perform these social activities. Moral values and code of conduct can vary, depending on the type of organization. But, workers need to follow the moral values defined by their organizations.

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