Common Ethical Considerations For Social Workers


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Every social worker is entrusted with a specific set of rules which include the acceptance of self respect of every being, which also includes that the patron's right to autonomy, privacy, encouragement and any act that is in reference to the communal impartiality. CASW holds these ethics as the following:

• Humanitarian

• Democratic morals

• Independence

• Acceptance and acknowledgment of self respect

• Confidentiality

• Civil rights

• Unbiased ness

• Co-operation

Essentials and Hypothesis of a Social Worker

A social worker may have the knowledge of the following:

• Person augmentation and performance

• Relative dynamics

• Communication premise

• Communal growth

• Governmental theory

• Affirmation theory

• Theories of repression and empowerment

• Societal group therapy

• Social achievement techniques

• Social intervention techniques

• Strategy study

There are 23 universities in Canada that offers appropriate education for the social working profession.

Why choose social work?

Social work started comparatively recently. It started parallel to the manufacturing society and the initiation of the factory system, the discrimination, and the privatization of markets and the use of money for personal gains. As industrialization prospered many worried that amongst this prosperity many shall perish economically.

20th century development of social work

Statistics have been collected and filed by the Canadian Association of Social Workers founded in the 1920's. Along the years there has been an increase in the members. In 1986 there were approximately 9000 members. These people are only enlisted in the CASW and not everyone who has enlisted is in the profession of social work.

The global alliance of social workers

The international federation of social workers is a child company of the international permanent secretariat of social workers which was initiated in 1928 in Paris, France. By 1950 the international federation of social workers was started. The aim was to become the world renowned international organization for the social workers.

IFSW is acknowledged globally and have approximately a million social workers in over fifty countries.

The social work edification

The first batch of trained social workers that graduated from the University of Toronto, the department of social services was in 1914. By early 1970, social work schools in Canada were recognized by the American council of social work education. There are many colleges and universities that provide the education at the levels of bachelors, masters and even at the doctoral level.

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